Looky Looky...

What I got today!! I got my WOOL! It is some of the BEST wool I have every seen. It looks great, smells great and is nice and long for my dollies. I got this AWESOME wool from from
Ann ~ Crowing About Primitives Click on her link and check out her ebay store.

Ann is from Canada, but I got my wool in about a week! That is lightning FAST shipping, if you ask me. I have ordered some things from the states and had to wait about 2 to 3 weeks. I can't wait to use it. There is no waste with this wool. They are all nice and straight and ready to use...

Look at my little Lou-Lou....isn't he so sweet. Who says kitties do not need pillows. I just had to take a picture and show you my little sweetie. I am still working on my Mercantile...or trying.

Hubby decided that he wanted to take some of our signs and wood items to a Country Boutique Craft Show. I told him if he was going to do this show...do not count on me to help. Ya right! I had to help...because you know how men are *smirk*

I did not get anything done during the day. I will be burning the midnight oil tonight!I had to put wire and wooden handles on 12 wooden caddy's and now my fingers hurt and I ended up getting little cuts all over my hands and arms...from the thick wire ends. Grrr! Men I tell ya! Today is somewhat chilly, an over-cast with ran in and out. Not very nice...but better then winter.

Well, I must go...I have a million things to do.....Always. I just thought I would show you my awesome wool and my Lou-Lou. I am pretty excited about the new wool. It is hard to find nice wool. Have a good evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

The wool looks so pretty. I'll have to check her out for some wool. I cannot wait to see your dollies wearing it.

LouLou looks like a big puff ball. I love kitties! I hope you get your stuff done with no worries!

Here's a really big hug for ya! :)


Pea said...

Lou Lou is so durn cute. I could just hug him! My kitties think all the pillows are theirs.
I will see if Bootsie will be nice for a photo opt. I know Twittles will.
lots of dolly wool. wow you have hair now.

Crowing About Primitives said...

Thank you Tonya for all you kind words about my wool... I can't wait to see what you make with it... Christmas time should be fun for you to

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

I agree Tonya her wool is of excellent quality! What a sweet kitty ;)