Sweet Americus...

A **NEW** Dollie! This is ~Sweet Americus~ She is scheduled to start on ebay this evening, for 5 days and to finish on Wednesday evening. I just had to create! It seems like when I do not create...I miss is so much.

Well it was a very soggy day out yesterday and now today as well...No sun either, so the pics were inside again! We are way below average for our temps, which are still in the 30's during the day. Where is SPRING any how? That is the sixty-thousand dollar question!

Well, I am now done with taxes!!! Thank GOODNESS! It was pretty painful, if you ask me. I would NEVER and I mean NEVER want to be a CPA! All that adding and punching numbers...not for me! So, I am going to wait about a week and then do two months for this year and then repeat it, in about another week or so. I am going to stay on task with my "Business Junk". *Scout's Honor*

My sister, Kim has earned "Wings to Fly" and has started creating some really neat paintings/collages. She has a very touching story behind her paintings and is donating part of each sale to a very good cause. To read about the story behind her paintings/collages click here.

She has two paintings that are currently listed on eBay. Here is the first link and here is the second link. She is also working on another piece as well. She is so very happy to be creating and she finds if very exciting. Whenever she talks about it, a smile emerges on her face. Even if I am not seeing her face to face...you can hear it in her voice.

Well, I have already started another dollie....an addition to my "Wee-Leggins Collection" and a bit out of season, if you will. Oh well, I hope it is okay. It is hard to not creat something that is begging you, to be brougt to life...that is what I get for buying some really neat seasonal fabric a while back, at the quilt shoppe. I hope you all have a great day. I will try to keep dry and stay out of the high winds. Toodles, ~Tonya


Pea said...

She is darling and I love the new hair style for you! LOL
Kims story was very touching and I think that is so nice of her to share. I wish her well with her paintings. They should do well.
A smile on her face unseen huh? I can only imagine. Ha ha. I see yours all the time.
blessings my friend. prayers you stay dry.

Jenny said...

Ahhh. I love her. I really like what you did with her hair. It's very different. I hope you get a big bid for her. I love your material, to. So, I was wondering, where do you get your curly roving that you used for Miss Libb? I have some alpaca fiber that I have been using, but there are no curls...just curious....



~Tonya said...

Thank you so much Pea. Yes, Kim has been through a lot. I will pass your kind words onto her.

And yes....smiles unseen, we know that they are there.

Have a nice weekend.

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much Jenny. She is a bit different for me. I hope she does well.

The hair on Miss Libb is raw wool. I normally just do searches on ebay. The hair that Jordan used on Miss Libb, was purchased a couple of years ago. I will see if I can find a source for you.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend.