Two NEW Listings for eBay...

I have 2 Dollies on ebay at the moment and then both end on Sunday evening. One is an ~Angel in Waiting~ Beatrice Bunny. She is so very sweet. She features my NEW glass eyes, split style dress, removeable feather wings and a little birdie nest with 3 little eggs. She is just one of them dollies that has "touched my heart".

The second little dollie is ~Americana Airanna~ She is really small for me. But, just because she is small, does not mean she lacks on the detail that I tend to put into all of my dollies. She has everything the big dollies have. I have given her drab green glass eyes...so very neat!

You can't tell I like the glass eyes, can you? *smirk* I love them. In person, they almost follow you. This little gal is around 13 to 14 inches tall, not including her cone hat....that is what makes her so adorable, her size. You can practically put her any where.

Well, I am feeling much better today....Knock on wood. I don't tend to let much get me down, I can't...I am a MOM (Super-Women) ya right! I feel like I have to be thou. When Mom's get sick, they still have to be like the energizer bunny and that is not fair. Well my dears, I must go...I have lots to do and tuck my girls in bed. You have a good night. Toodles, ~Tonya

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