Top of the Mornin' to Ya...

Meet Lucky Larlene O'Brien. She is currently on ebay if you would like to go and take a peek. She is listed until Sunday evening. She is so very sweet in person...her hair is showing a bit bright in the pictures, it is actually a very nice tone of alburn. Larlene, is Irish and it means Promise. She Promises to be "LUCKY". She is so full of IRISH Charm and has so much detail.

Somethimes on certain dollies, I get carried away with so much detail....this was one of them. Her dress reminds me of the fancy Irish dresses, from long ago. Her little shamrocks read, LUCKY! You can click here and it will take you to her, on ebay.

Today is my sisters Birthday....Happy Happy Birthday Kim! We are going out to lunch with her (my Mom and I). It should be fun, although short. She lives about an hour away, but works here in town. So that means we get to see her on her birthday.

Now I must start working on something for a giveaway for the Mercantile! Remember, it is our first Year Anniversary and we are CELEBRATING! Boy, that year flew by. Door Prizes, a certificate to be given away, along with free shipping on all items or most. I must shake a leg, I have much to do. Have a great day. ~Tonya


Pea said...

She could be my sister! Love her and noticed all the detail off the bat. Thought you were insain! But it works. Me, fighting with stinking heads again.

steph said...

Ohh, Tonya!! I just love her. You are always coming up with great ideas, and execute them so perfectly. I hope she does well for you.