Merry Monday...

Today, the snow started to fly and visibility was diminished. We were suppose to get some really bad weather and because of last weeks blizzard, some schools and such decided to not take a chance and closed early. My children's schools, closed 2 hours early. By the time they were released, it was beautiful out.

The kiddies are taking advantage of a nice day and are outside playing. It is good for kids to play outside and get fresh air. They said they are building "snow forts" in the woods. The trees today looked like they had a "feather" dusting. When snow falls gracefully and collects to the trees, it is a sight to behold. Freshly fallen snow.....just beautiful.

I am working (trying) on a new piece, Americana. It seems like I have been "bitten" by the Americana bug. Sometimes I go long periods of time and do not make any Americana and at other times, like now, I am working on another piece. I like to call it "Old Glory".

My TDIPT eBay group is having a group launch this week........I was going to participate, but somewhere along the lines, dropped the ball. It is Birds, Bees and Bunnies too. Practically everything to do with Spring, but my heart right now, is not into more bunnies. So, I do not think I will get one done in time for the launch. Maybe next time.

I hope you all have a Merry Monday. This week is very busy with appt. for myself and for the kiddies, so we will see how much I get done. Until next time, take care of you! ~Tonya

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