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Where does the time go? It just seems to be flying by. Ever heard the hurrier I go, the behinder I get? That is me or at least how I feel lately. I am not getting much done, time is flying by me and I seem as if to be standing still.

My piece I was working on, is giving me all kinds of grief, so I have set that aside and have started a new piece. I have many things to make for this month yet. I signed up for a swap, in my TDIPT group, I must still make a door prize, (for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY) for The Mercantile. And I must not forget, I have to make something to put on the Mercantile. Most, if not all, are also offering FREE shipping for March.

It is for our 1st Year Anniversary. Door prizes and also a gift certificate to be spent on the Mercantile, along with free shipping. It will be so much FUN. You will have to be sure to pop on over there in March......lots going on. Don't worry, I will post more later, when it gets a bit closer. See, as I said time sure is flying by. One year already, can you believe it.

I have a doc appt. this morning (for my eye's), it seems as if I may need a stronger prescription....Grrrr. It is probably all the fine stitching that I do. I have much to do, so I must "scat". Have a great day, ~Tonya

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Lorraine said...

There never seems to be enough time in the day, does there? I'll be sure to stop by TDIPT for your big anniversary!! Congrats!:o)