I was soooo BOTHERED by my pictures of my little IRISH Dollie, that I had to take new ones. I like these much better. I switched them out in my photobucket and then snuck them into my listing. I turned some to Selenuim, because I didn't get the same exact picture and could not leave those jet red-haired pics up any longer! She is so beautiful in person. My Mom saw her today and she said your new eyes on your dollie, they look so real. They look like they are looking at you.

I took the new pictures outside (natural lighting is best). I froze my little fingers to the bone. No, I can not wear gloves when doing that. The gloves tend to get in the way. I am much more happier with my pictures now....except for the gallery picture. That is hosted by eBay and I can not change it. It will drive me batty, by the time the Auction is over, I guarantee it!!

I am a BONEHEAD!!! My Helena Bear & Honey-Bee go off tomorrow evening (Valentine's evening). Boy, I guess I didn't think that one out to well, did I??

Hubby is working very diligently at getting my headboard, side-rails and footboard done by tommorow. He said he wants to finish it for Valentine's Day. Isn't that so very sweet. I have to finish it thou (and that will not be until the beginning of March sometime, after deadlines).

I just recently purchased a new quilt, shams, skirt and throw pillow for our bed and I LOVE IT! We are going back to the "Simple" look of yester-year (room by room). Our room is going to be accented with primitively finished, solid wood, painted (distressed) and then hand rubbed black furniture.

We picked up some olde, antique doors (solid wood), with inlaid panels....the perfect length....five foot. He hand carved out (the good old-fashioned way) the olde 4 x 4's to accomodate the doors to go into the 4 x 4's. We are also finishing off the 4 x 4's with a decorative cap and then I will paint it and finish it for the perfect look. I can't wait. He is going to start making the pieces that we can not find...or afford. We have torn down old barns in the past and have gone to several auctions a few years ago. Those pieces are just calling our names. He is having fun with it and enjoying it. I am glad. We use to do a lot of wood working...after all he has a wood shop, so it does make perfect sense. The only difference is, he can do this, at his own leisure and enjoy it!

Boy, who stuck a quarter in me. LOL I best get moving. Dream about something Beautiful. Nighty Night, ~Tonya


Prim and Proper Folks said...

Oh T~ You are such a lucky duck to have a Hubs that is so talented! I would love to see pics of his finished work..I bet it is just Lovely!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Don't old doors make great projects??

Sylvia Anderson said...

She's lovely!!! Well, all of your dolls are, but I just love her dress...wonderful detail! :)