Vintage Annie...

And this is my Sweet Annie....I really have a soft spot for Annie dollies. I have a couple of Annie's...but nothing like this. Her little piggy tails are wired, so they can be moved higher up or down...and she is quite a big girl. She is about 30 inches tall...

She has a lot of Vintage Inspired trims and such. I love adding the detail onto my dollies (you can't tell, can you?). I can get lost in the detail and at times, I can spend a couple of days on just the details...
Vintage Hallow's Eve Annie will be listed on ebay...I think (if I get new pictures taken and her scheduled) she will start on ebay tomorrow evening...and end on the following Sunday or I may just wait to list her till Tuesday and have her listed for 5 days...

She has some fun little tails on the top of her little party hat, but my back drop was not big enough...or I have to put in a new nail. I have to take new pictures any ways...but I was so HAPPY with the way Annie turned out...I wanted to show you all. I even made her a little Trick or Treat bag with a little vintage cat image on it, just so neat.

Well, I must run my Jordan to a friend's house...he is staying over night at a friends house. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope the sun is shining where you are at....here, it is looking pretty gloomy. Toodles Kiddies, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

OMG. She is so fabulous. Very unique. BOOHOO I want to cry! I WANT HER! :) I love her dress and that bag she is holding. Plus, her face has so much character.

You are very talented, not that I have not told you that before. It makes me want to create more.

I am still learning from patterns and such, so it may take time, but sometimes I see your stuff and think...Gosh, will I ever be THAT good?

I love the new doll bodies.

PS. SO, I was wanting to do one of your heads with this kind of nose...crap, now I feel like I would copy...I'll just have to mention you if I do! LMAO

Hugs and happy mom's day!

~Tonya said...

Oh aren't you so sweet Jenny! Thank you for the kind words.

Your dollies are so sweet and you are doing so well...for crying out loud, you have only just begun.

I think I spend too much time in the details at times...but, I think that is what makes them so different from others as well.

Thanks for ALWAYS putting a smile on my face Jenny.

I don't own the "ANNIE NOSE" ya know LMAO!


Pea said...

OMG Tonya! she is INCREDIBLE! I love the fabric, the hair well you know we have a thing for redheads. LOL
The details there ya go again. But her face is the shinning star. LOVE THat face. too stinking cute.

Hey Jenny, get in line cause I am not there yet either... It starts behind me. ROFLOL
Tonya, you OUT DID yourself again.
Now I want to make a dollie, not this one just a dollie. But I have a date with DS. So I maybe burning some oil tonight. *WINK*