No Time...

I have been so busy lately. I have been getting ready for my Mom's rummage sale...seems as if it is my rummage sale! She kept pushing me to bring stuff...because she knows that I have a lot packed away. So to her suprise...I SURE BROUGHT the STUFF! Well, hubby took a full Yukon load and I took the back seat out my van and the whole back was almost filled as well! So, I hope it all sells. I don't want to see it back here. *smirk*

Tuesday we had Courtney's Fieldtrip to the Historical Museum of Albert Lea...Learned some things I didn't know. Froze, it was almost all outside. And took some pictures...I will have to share them some time soon...

So, besides doing all of that and staying up too late, my asthma decided to try to throw a wrench into the whole thing and got me sick...with a seasonal flare up. So nice! I saw the doc today and yup, a nebulizer treatment, a Z-Pack and some Prenisone....JOY! It had me up all night last night, I honestly thought I was going to die. It scared me! I could not breath, I could not move, I was running a high fever and shaking like a leaf. My throat was so swollen, it was almost shut, I could not talk and guess where my Albuterol was, DOWNSTAIRS!!

Hubby worked the overnight...so he was not home to help and I didn't want to wake the kids. Once the alarms went off, I whistled (felt like Rose in Titanic) and Courtney came and helped me. I think I scared the hell out of her. I could only whisper and I was shaking from being so cold and I was crying because I was so scared. The older I get, the worse the asthmatic episodes....but the trooper I am, I took my inhaler, took some Tylenol Cold crap and got moving...didn't miss a beat! Too much of a die-hard. Went to Urgent Care and got me all fixed up!

My Vintage Annie is listed on ebay and she will end Sunday. It will be hard to pack her up...she is hanging where I can see her everyday. I am going to be working on a dollie most likely tomorrow...after I clean up the HURRICANE that ripped through here! I am goine back to a spring dollie. I sketched her up last week and started making my cut outs for her. She will be pretty neat.

Well, again I am LOOONG winded. Had not posted for a while...so I thought I would let you know what has been going on in my neck of the woods. Toodles for now Kiddies, ~Tonya


kat449 said...

Hi Tonya,
Im so sorry you went thru that horrible experience. Ill keep you in my toughts & prayers.
Ive been a lurker of yours for awhile, feeling like a true scaredy Kat and a little intimidated. I adore your work and I admit Im a lurker of your sweet sis' as well. I can relate to your commitment of living in the light after being in the "dark" growing up. Thank God for the light!
I sure would be tickled if you popped over to my blog and signed up or at least checked out my 100th post giveaway, I am so proud of the prizes I carefully made for being blessed with the amazing women folk in our community. Hope feel better soon. Fondly, Kat

Lone Pierette said...

Tonya - I just love your dolls , they are always a treat for teh eye !
Hugs Lone from Denmark

Jenny said...

I am sorry to hear about your horrible experience, Tonya. You poor thing. I hope you do not experience that again! I will pray for your healing.

Felix my kitty is getting some prayers too, he is now limping a lot. He is getting old and I fear he will just go down hill from here on. Poor little one.

I hope you are back to your old self and can start doing what you love.

Hugs and blessings,


~Tonya said...

Thank you so much Kat! I stopped by your blog and left a comment (a rather loooong one) and I also added you to my blog.


~Tonya said...

Hi Lone,

Thank you so much for stopping by all the way from Denmark and for your kind words. So nice to see you here. :)


~Tonya said...

Hello Jenny, I hope I never go through anything like that again either.

I now have an inhaler on my nightstand every night. Thanks for the prayers.

Your poor kitty, it is always so hard to see our fur babies get older. I will send some prayers his way.