Playing w/graphics...

Well, I am not feeling up to my 100% yet...so, I played with graphics a bit. Yup, purchased some add-ons and am having so much FUN! So much nicer when I do not have to cut all them out by hand. I will be using this for my next Hallow's Eve Creation on ebay. No, my next dollie is not for Hallow's Eve...but Summer. My Heart is in Halloween Creations thou.

I did to go into town today and pick up Kingfisher...he is a bit out of it, and in quite a bit of pain, not to mention he is scared. He has found a cozy place to snooze and just relax. He needs to be pampered...he has been through a lot.

I made some more rag balls for myself last night, while I sat on my arse (watching some recorded shows on the DVR) and coughing. I now have 5, slow going but I really like them. I have a BIG gallon glass jar to fill. I will not fill it completely, but I want more then 5.

I have so much to do and when I don't feel the best, I tend to not get as much done. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

I love the graphix, Tonya. Sorry that you are not up and about yet. I felt like crap again today to, but I feel better now and was able to get a little work in tonight.

Poor Kingfisher. That is a lot for an older "outside" cat. He will be traumatized for a bit. Felix is gradually getting worse I fear. I just hope I do not have to put him down and nature just takes it's course. That is never fun.

I hope you are feeling much better soon.

hugs, Jenny

Pea said...

OH I LOVE IT!!! really cool. Geesh something more for me to learn.. LOL Like that is gonna happen. LOL
Don't think this ol' pea can roll over and do that trick. LOL
I am with you really like the halloween. Love doing it. My favorite time of year but you knew that.
Poor kitty. He is so sweet, I just hate to see them in pain like our babies but it is for the best for all. The greater good.
HOpe you get better soon.
So how are ya making the rag balls. The old fashioned way? or with a styro ball?

kat449 said...

Hi Tonya,
Hey thanks so much for adding a plug for my giveaway this Saturday.
I am drooling over your new furniture...how blessed are you.
I have a Jordan also...hang on most Jordans I know are HANDFULLS, mines first in line...He still gives me facial twitches and hes 24!
Adoreable kids.
I hope you feel better soon and get back to feeding your spirit, with all that down time, imagine the good stuff just waiting to come out...ohhh I cannot wait. Be blessed my new friend. Warmly, Kat

Moon Maiden Soapworks said...

OMG! Will you look at YOU with the GRAPHICS?!

Girl, you're doing GREAT! WOWEE ... I'm SO proud of you. That is AWESOME and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

So, what program are you using?

FAB ... you SO totally ROCK!


The Crackling Crows said...

Hey Tonya :)

I hope you are feeling better soon!!! Sending you best Wishes! Your Halloween graphic looks freaking awesome! I Looove it!

Seems your kids are having fun :) Your kids look adoreable!

Hugs Ivonne :)

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much to all of you for stopping by and for such kind words. I have not been around to stop and visit your blogs. I will have to this evening.

Kingfisher is slowly getting better. His paws are still a bit tender, poor kitty.

And Dana, the same program you use, but bumped to 9. Thank you so much Dana Bana!

Hugs to all of you,