Isn't that so precious! Sydney & King...he was sitting in her Tinkerbelle chair and I just had to snap a picture. She was all ready for bed and he always follows us upstairs, when we tuck the girls in and say our prayers...

This was our sunset this evening, in our backyard...just Beautiful. It was VERY windy today. I love sunsets like this and when the sun rises, just as beautiful. I just recently watched a movie (based on a true story), where a person was in prison for the duration of his whole life. Behind bars, never to see the light of day again! Before he was going to be put to death (by leathal injection), he asked to see a sunrise.....

I tell ya, that is one thing that I would miss, sunsets and sunrises.....not to mention the sun on my face, a gentle breeze, the sweet melodies of all the birds, frogs and everything else that so many take for granted.

I appreciate life more and more with each passing day. It is the little things...so many, too great to mention, but you know what they are. My Mom yesterday, she was so suprised! I gave her a dollie for Mother's Day. She did not have a dollie of mine (not the ones I make now any ways), I had it shipped to her (because I did not think I would see her for Mother's Day) and packed the way I always pack them (those of you that have gotten a dollie, know how I pack them) and Mom had enough will-power to wait till Sunday to open it...

Well, she opened it first thing as she woke up....she called and she was just grinning ear to ear and could not say enough. She said never in a millon years, did I think in that box was a dollie. See, she had asked for a sign...the box was long and slender, so it threw her off a bit. She was so Happy! I am glad that I could make her day. Then, instead of just staying home for the day, the kids and I decided to suprise her again. We went up their and brought pies! Yup, she was suprised again! Hubby had to work the whole weekend.

Well, I must go...I know a bit long winded tonight. That is what I get when I have a bit of time on my hands, I think too much and too deep. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Sweet Dreams, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

AWW, your daughter is so pretty and the kitty looks so loved! Wow, you have some big tree up there! I always thought Minnesota was flat! I guess that impression was from the movie Fargo! Is that even in Minnesota? Gosh I am retarted sometimes. lol

I am really ready fro summer now, the weather man said it was supposed to SNOW tomorrow! What the heck! Thank goodness I did not plant any flowers on Sunday....Jeez

Have a lovely day/evening



Pea said...

I am with you Tonya, That is sooo sweet. I would have snapped that pic too. Such a sweet pair they are. How cute he joins you to say prayers. What a blessings.
I appreciate the little things especially after today. Friends are something I hope I never take for granted and I am sure you know what I mean. The winds(LOL) died down and all is as it was before.. LOL Good grief.
Thank you for all you do.

~Tonya said...

Thank you Jenny. Sydney is such a doll. And Kingfisher is loved....

Some of the trees we have are so BIG, look at the one to the right...all three of my kids are standing in front of it. That BIG Oak tree is in our front yard!

MN is somewhat flat, but around here, we have a lot of rolling flat land, if tht makes sense. Fargo is in North Dakota. :)

Chilly here on the overnights..so no flowers for me yet.


~Tonya said...

Thank you Pea...yup, every night. Not to worry, some things are out of our control.

And today, is just as WINDY as yesterday. I feel like Dorthy in OZ!

Have a great day Pea.

Annie said...

awwwwwwwwww they are both so adorable!!! how sweet that pic is..
Geeesh @ long winded..LOL babble babble babble!!!
have a good day Missy T...Hugs Me

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Awww..T~ what a nice surprise - both of them - for your Momma! You are such a sweet daughter and I just know she will always cherish your gift!

Your daughter is a cutie pie! What a sweet photo of her and the kitty!


Doreen said...

What a sweet picture of your daughter and kitty.

How sweet of you to do that for your Mom. She must have been very touched.


~Tonya said...

Annie, Thank you. And you know me, I tend to ramble!

Susan, Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words....Mom said she will treasure the dollie always.

And Doreen, Thank you as well. I have been so busy, no time for stopping by blogs and such.

I hope you all had a great day.