Fun Night & Fishing...

We went to Fun Night at the kids school on Friday. They had a blast. This was Courtney being a Gladiator. Friday was a very busy day for me...
Courtney caught me taking pictures and had to smile a bit for the camera. The only downfall was, we had to wait for about 20 min. for her to do this activity. It was new this year and a BIG hit!
And here in my little Ninny. She is always so sweet. She met up with one of her little friends on this jumping, sliding thing...

And Sydney being a "jumping bean" again! You would think they would get it out of their system at home, because we have a trampoline. Crazy kids...

This is Sydney & Mya. Sydney adores Mya...she went to her first little Birthday Party this year and it was to Mya's house. She even took the bus over to her house after school that day. Of course, I had to call to make sure she made it just fine *smirk*

And Mr. Jordan! He said he was too old to go to Fun Night (I must agree), so he wanted to go fishing (he is growing so fast...where does time go). We dropped him off at the damn, with one of our cell phones and he had a blast. He ended up meeting up with one of his friends. Look at the size of that Northern. He cleaned it all up and will be eating it. He loves fish!

Well, this week has been a whirl-wind! From being sick to cleaning, sorting, throwing away and getting ready for Mom's garage sale...well NO TIME for anything else! I even detailed my van! I think I am going through withdrawals from my doll making. It has been a week and a day since I worked on a doll. Can you believe it? I did make two rag balls last night for one of my primitive jars. I am going to make more, but it was late.

I must go, I have lots to do. The weather here has been just absolutely AMAZING! You could not ask for more BEAUTIFUL weather. We are BLESSED. I hope you all have a beautful day. Peaceful Blessings to you, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

AWWW Sydney is so pretty! Wow and wearing shorts! Must be warm there.

Jordan is looking very mature there with his fish. I am glad you are feeling better now and hope you can start enjoying your doll making again soon. I need to do the same here.

Lots to do this week. Hugs,


Wings and Paws Primitives said...

No withdrawls!!! They have therapy for that... It is called "Me time" take some and call me in the morning...LOL

What a bunch of cuties, family night looks like a blast! I need one of those big boppers, would come in handy at the jail..LOL Hugs, MOo

~Tonya said...

Awww, Thank you Jenny. It is very warm here...AWESOME weather.

Mr. Jordan is looking very mature. He is growing so fast. He is already taller then me.

I started on a dollie today. YAY!! I actually have had her drawn out and her pieces all cut out for over a week...so I was happy to be working on her. I am not feeling much better, but I am sure I will be soon :)


Doreen said...

LOOK AT THAT FISH...WOW....He must have been soo excited! My son is a big fisherman..he goes all the time :).

Looks like Fun Night....was a fun night. You have a beautiful family.


Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

How cool is that. I wish our girls school ahd something like that!

Talk about a fish! How many dinners will you get out of that?

I understand the withdrawal. It`s been a while since I too have been in front of the sewing machine and I still want to make your new witch pattern ;)