Three Willows Bed & Breakfast...

We are finally finished with out bedroom set. Hubby made the headboard, footboard and two night stands. All the pictures (except this one) turned out awful. It was so bright when I took them yesterday. I love how it turned out. The picture hanging above our bed...I bought that about 5 years ago! I finally get to use it. It says "Three Willows Bed & Breakfast".

The night stands have beadboard inlay in them...and antique hardware. Now I just have to figure out what I am going to put on them. Remember, I am going back to the SIMPLE and not a ton of stuff.

Kingfisher had to get into the picture. He has to follow me wherever I go. He is a sweet kitty-cat and he is OFFICIALLY going to become part of our family. He goes in on Monday to be de-clawed and neutered (poor kitty). He will no longer have to be locked up at night and when we are gone.

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Jenny said...

Wow, Tonya. Thanks for sharing your bedroom set. It totally looks like a bed & breakfast lol. If it weren't for Kingfisher in the picture I would have thought so. I am glad he has a home and that he is happy.

The bedroom set is gorgeous! Good job!


Pea said...

Well aren't they growing so fast. MY gosh Jordon, nice fish pass me some. Yummm yummm. Been a long time since I have had pike. Funny we were just talking about that.
Oh I love the bedroom set. WOW it turned out so nice. I love it.
OH goodie King gets to stay. YEAH!
He is so sweet and how lucky to have you as a family.
Beautiful weather here too for a few more days.
Hope you are feeling better.

~Tonya said...

Thanks Jenny. I love out new set. I still have some decorating to do...but when I find the right pieces, I will know it.

And yes, KING loves his home. I am glad that we could tame him. The human touch is really amazing. He is such a nice cat.


Annie said...

Beautiful Bedroom Set T!! And your little kiddies are just so adorable!!
Cute Cute Cute!!
Hugs Me

Doreen said...

Toya, that's beautiful!!!!! I am sooo impressed.


cindee said...

Hi Tonya, I was surfing blogs and had to comment on your bedroom set. I re-did my daughters room a few months ago and used that same comforter and the black/red combos...I did her room in an American theme. Isn't that comforter wonderful? I love your bed and nightstands too!!!!