The Human Touch...

The "Human Touch" can have such an impact on so much. I posted about this cat back in Nov. or Dec. He would meow at us through the window. We would pretend to pet him and talk to him, he would even purr and was so happy. We put a blanket out for him to lay on, fed him and gave him water several times a day. Without, I think he would not be with us today. He was so wild...and so scared of everything...

After many months and many hours of giving him attention through the window (persistance and patience)...he finally gave in. He now loves the human touch. He comes in almost every night and goes out in the morning. We do keep him in a large pet porter, but he does not mind.

My son has named him Kingfisher. I know that he could never be an indoor kitty, as he has so much "wild" in him yet. You can take the cat out of the wild, but not the wild out of the cat. At any rate, I could not be happier that Kingfisher has a home to care for him, if he wants it...Because "Kindness, really does Matter".

This is my daugher with baby Jali. Jali is about a month old, so very sweet. She has grown so much since she was born. My niece is so proud of her and so very happy that she could take 6 weeks off of work to be with Jali.

Today is quite a nice day here. We had snow yesterday, it didn't last long. Now today, it is mild and was very foggy this morning....listen to me, giving you all a forecast. *smirk* Well, I must go, I have a dollie calling my name. I hope you all have a great day. Peaceful Blessings to you, ~Tonya


Lenka said...

Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe – I meet your work before on e-bay, and now I found you blog by some lucky accident and (of course! )stop to say Hi! Do you know how unique is your dolls???? I check them all the time on e-bay! I only can make noises like Ahhh and Ohhhh when I see them!
Oh, dear – your daughter is so lovely!

Jenny said...

Ah, a girl after my own heart. I too have rescued countless kitties. Right now, (besides my baby "Shadow" whom I rescued as a tiny new born...) I have adopted a 16 year old male named Felix...I call him "Felixer". Anyway, a lady that had owned a house accross the street whom dies a few years back used to take care of him. (I actually bought her home and renovated it in 2003...weird) I had no idea that she took care of this (mostly outdoor) cat. Then I build my home and moved in accross the street in 2007...Well, at that time the other neighbor was taking care of him. Low and behold he figured out how great a cat caretaker I was and my home has become his...well retirenment home. He loves it here. I unfortunately am dealing with some of his geriatric problems, like peeing outside the litter box..I have him on medicine now cuz he has hyper-thyroidism. I was so depressed when he started peeing on my floor...but now I just have puppy pads and a hole slew of litter boxes (which look terrible btw) all lined up where he was going on the floor...long story short, I am still taking care of him. I have such a big heart for animals (cats mostly, I often get my heart broken cuz we have a slew of strays in the area.)

I guess someone has to take care of them, right?