Ho-Hum Day...

You sure can tell today is Wednesday. It is a ho-hum day. I have lots to do, but am really doing nothing. *smirk* boy, that is a first! I am thinking of clearing out some of my prim gatherings that I have aquired over time. I will not list everything all at once...but here and there.

I am first going to part with my Holly Berry Hill calalogs. They are so very neat, but I have so much. I figure someone is probably collecting them and trying to get all of them. These are the only 3 I have. I have listed them to start this evening, on ebay. I was going to list them last night, but ran out of time. You can see them by clicking here.

Yesterday was about 47 degrees out, very nice. But when the temps warm up, the snow melts and now we have a sloppy mess. Today it is a bit windy and chilly. I am so ready for spring. I must go and get something done. Have a good day. ~Tonya

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Anonymous said...

aaaah, I know those ho hum days, I love your blog Tonya!! I added your link to mine.... Hugs, Mo