~Americana Panda~

Meet Petey the Americana Panda. He is so adorable...panda's have a special place in my heart and I have a few panda dollies. This guy is almost fully needlefelted and was a TON of work. I have bad wrists and this one....definately did not help my wrists at all *smirk* I have him listed on ebay for 5 days...he will end Sunday evening.
Here is his link on ebay.
This is what it looked like in our "neck of the woods" on Easter day....this was in my Mom's backyard. We had snow gracefully falling...it was pretty, but not very spring-like. No outdoor Easter egg hunts this year.

We had a nice day and Mom had a great birthday. I hope you all had a Blessed Easter and made some special memories, with your loved ones. I hope to get something finished for the Mercantile, but may have to ask for a "push"...I fell behind a bit. Have a good evening and Take Care, ~Tonya


Karen said...

Holy Toledo, Tanya!! Yippee on the Panda!! What a cutie!!! Didn't know how to reply to your post on my blog...but I am way up in Grand Rapids...about 3 1/2 hours north of Mpls. Bummer you got all that snow...it's supposed to be in our neck of the woods...but you can have it! ;0) he he! Hugs, Karen

Annie said...

Morning T..Its almost 5 am..(wake up) the snow has finally stopped here and my internet is back working..I just got to see your new Panda and he is simply adorable!! Just as cute as a button...!!I'll be leaving early to get D so will yak at you later on..Have a good day..Hugs ME

Doreen said...

Greetings Tonya. LOVE the Panda he is great and the snow picture is just beautiful. :)


Jenny said...

I love this panda. I am bidding on ebay! SHHHH don't tell my hubby. I could not resist! LOVE YOU AS ALWAYS. I might have to go to therapy if you don't stop with all the cuteness!

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much to all of you for stopping by. SO very thoughtful of each of you to take time...

Karen, the snow was not wanted, but was pretty...like Doreen said. Thank you Doreen.

Annie, you are normally playing "Howard" so 5 am isn't too early for you. LOL

Jen, good luck. I adore panda bears and he is one of my favorites. I have had quite a few favorites lately. *smirk*

Hugs to all,