HaPpY BiRThDaY...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my HONEY!! We are going to be "Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood!" We are going to Applebee's today. I don't know if we are doing anything else....hubby and I were going to go to Dimond Jo's last night, but it didn't "pan-out". I don't care to go and gamble and he only gambles a bit....but it was something to do. He went with 50 bucks and came back with a whole lot more!!! Yeee-Hawwww! Happy Birthday to HIM!! He went with his brother-in-law and had FUN. That was the important part. We do not do a whole lot, so that was good for him.

Don't forget about Day-Light savings tonight, before you go to bed. We Spring forward, longer days and more day light, which is a good thing. I hope you all have a great day. I am working on a new dollie in between......she will be so sweet. Have a great evening. Toodles for now kiddies. ~Tonya

P.S. Don't forget about signing up for my CUSTOM BANNER Giveaway. You can sign up from this post, I won't make you dig though my postings. All you have to do is leave a comment and you will be entered in. You have until tomorrow evening to sign up....don't delay, sign up today!!


Pea said...

okay so I missed that but can I get on the list for the basket for may day!!! LOL I might have some big news in a week or two so who know.. I will talk to ya later and leave ya wondering.... have to go to the doctors tomorrow- boo hiss as you say.

Pea said...

BTW hope honey d's birthday was a good one and you know what d stands for. LOL