Because Nice Matters....

I feel so very "Honored" to be Nominated by not one, but two very sweet gals for the "Nice Matters" award. I was nominated by Nancy of "Notes from Nancy" and Pea of "Pea Picker's Primitives". So very kind and it is so appreciated.

I needed a "Pick me up", yesterday I was a "Crabby Pants". I think I was just tired. I got a good night sleep and I feel much better today. :) Well, I now must pass the Nice Matters award on to other deserving souls. There are soooo many that I would love to pass it on too, but they do not have blogs or websites and such....so here it goes.

Annie Of "Allegheny Annies"

Danita of "Danita Art"

Sylvia Anderson

Jackie of "Fat Jak"

Dawn of "The Feathered Nest"

I hope you all have a great weekend. I have a million and one things to do. Never enough time.
Blessings & Smiles, ~Tonya


Hlo-Flo said...

Hello. My name is Valentine. I live in Росии, I conduct the blog about craft dolls. Have very much interested your dolls. I have given the reference to you to the friends:) Thanks for given pleasure:)

Dana said...

Hi Tonya!

WOW ... look at you ... you are a popular gal these days. AND ... NICE MATTERS ... and you are certainly a NICE GAL!! ;o)

So ... if you're not totally sick of this game yet ... I nominated you for something fun, too. Tee hee ... if you wanna play along, that's fine and if not ... that's okay 'cuz I STILL think you're a Rockin' Girl. LOL!


Danita said...

Thank you Tonya!!!!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Tonya~ Thank you for the nomination!! :) You are a nice gal too, so I am in great company! Happy Birthday to you, Jordan and Courtney!!! Wow....three birthdays all so close together...party time at your place! Your new creations are amazing, and I think Fat Jack is my favorite...I love the expression on his face. Thanks again, and I hope you had an awesome birthday!

Lorraine said...

Congrats, Tonya:o)! You are very nice, and you sure are a Doll!