My Heart is Heavy...

My Heart is heavy and I am very sad. Our Kali is missing. Jordan thought he would let Coco and Kali off their cables to play and she took off. She went into our long grass by our woods and just kept on going. We have searched and searched for her.....no such luck.

Her tags had fallen off, I replace them, they fell off again and I didn't get to put them back on. I feel partially responsible and so very mad at myself. The rings that held the tags on, just kept getting pulled and stretched...I wanted to get a good one and I just always forgot to do so.

She went missing Sunday evening. I have called the Humane Society in the area, the Dog Catcher, three different Vets. and the radio station that has "Paws & Claws" (they have a listing for lost and found animals). I was hoping with getting the word out right aways, something would help. We have looked and driven and yelled for her several times. It is so hot out, she is young and has only been in the area for about 2 months....if even 2 months. So, I am very sad and I pray for her safe arrival. I hope someone has found her and will call one of the places that I have called...

Signing off with much sadness...~Tonya

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Raggedy Rambles said...

Tonya, I feel for you. I know how much these animals become part of the family. I truly hope she finds her way home.
hugs, Kate