This is my *NEW* Dollie on eBay. To see all of her, you will have to go to eBay. I think she is so neat. She has her 3 teeth hanging out....they are floss stitched. The look on her face...is priceless. She also has these funky leggins that I had so much fun with. I decided to list her for a 3 Day Auction. Some people don't like to wait so long....we will see how the 3 day Auction goes. I have never had one listed so short before.

Well, I am off. I am going to clean, get my hair high-lighted and work on a dollie later on today. I also want to say, my hear goes out to all of the families that still have loved ones trapped under the I-35 Bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis,MN. What a tragedy! They have been working not stop...except for at night to try and reach the people still trapped. They have said that there are no survivors under the concrete....How very sad.

Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Lorraine said...

Your new dollie is fabulous, as always! Yes, blessings to all those families....

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much, Lorraine!