All Done...

Happy Monday!! Well, I finished up my "Special Order". I worked way late into the "Bewitching" hours on Sat. and Sun. to finish up this Libby. I think she turned out so Sweet.

I thought you might all like to see a picture or two of her. I hope the gal that ordered her likes her as much as I do. :o) Yesterday was a Beautiful day for Jordan & Courtney's Birthday Party at the park.

I will share pictures of them here, on their Birthdays. I am going to work on my other dollie.....same body, but she will be a Little Witchy-Poo for All Hallow's Eve. I already have a name picked out for her....

Have a great day and I have lots of things to pack and ship out today. Smiles, ~Tonya


Pea said...

Oh Tonya,
She is so sweet as are you!
I am sure that the buyer will be very happy with her. She is just adorable.
Can't wait to see the witchie poo!
Okay I am off to be wicked into the wee hours.LOL

Annie said...

She is beautiful T !!

Lorraine said...

I love her, Toyna!! She's so sweet!:o)

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much! The gal that ordered her, called me and LOVES her.

It has come "Full Circle" as a doll artist for me. :o)