New listings on Etsy...

I did find some time to finish Sweet Sally Snow Bunny! I have listed her and my hand made tags on Etsy. This is probably the last dollie for the year. My time is very limited in the creating department.
Sweet Sally has lots and lots of detail put into her. I love how she finished up. She has so much class and that black and white together, just so clean and crisp looking together. I even gave her some painted little leggins'.

Here is one set of my hand stamped tags. Is is the only set. Actually all three sets, they are all that is available. I have finished this set in German glass glitter. Pictures do not do these tags justice. It was very cold old, my fingers froze and I did not want to go back outside for natural lighting. In person they are so very pretty...

This set is without the German glass glitter, but still looks just as pretty. It all depends on what "look" you are after for your Christmas packages or your decor. Wouldn't they look so pretty on a feather tree.

And my last set of tags, a pretty reindeer. In person, there is so much detail in the reindeer. Little candy canes and such. Very neat. I have finished off the antlers with glitter, but you cannot really see that in the pictures. Oh well, I tried.

I do hope that you will hop on over to my Etsy shoppe and take a peek. I hope you each have a fabulous week and weekend. Cheers, ~Tonya

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Tracy said...

Ohhh Tonya I love all your dolls. They have such detail to them and their faces have life to them.
Those tags are so pretty.