~Miss Lola Bunny - Blessed Be!

Meet Miss Lola Bunny! She is so very sweet and she is listed on my SELLING SITE! Yes, I am using my selling site again. I am going to use that more, as I have more control over that and more pictures can be added...which I love. I will always try to have a paypal button as well.

Lots of things are going to be changing around here and my time will be very, very limited starting in the middle of August, but I will share more about that later...

I have also listed her on Etsy...

Miss Lola Bunny is just the sweetest. I have not made a dress like this in well over a year. Shame on me! Maybe I have not, because they are so very time consuming, but I do love the way they turn out. They are well worth all the time. I love Miss Lola to pieces and with her banner, it sure says a lot...BLESSED BE...whatever will be, will be! I love that little saying...

Click on the pics or the link to my SELLING SITE to view Miss Lola. I will be unavailable late Wednesday evening until Monday morning. The kiddies and I (along with my Mom, Stepfather and one of my sisters and her family are going up NORTH to "Chill-Ax" and to see the Tall Boats of DULUTH! Should be FUN FUN FUN! Family, Sun, Fun and Relaxing....what more could a girl ask for. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Sweet Abby-Rose~

Yup, another bunny! I love making these bunnies! At times, they sure beat making lips on dollies *smirk* I think lips have always been my "quirk" for making dollies. At times, they can go so smooth and other times, they fight me "tooth & nail"...

This is Miss Abby-Rose! She is so very sweet with her WISH Banner. She holds a star in her hand, as a little reminder to make a WISH, because after all, they do come true. Abby-Rose is listed in My Etsy Shoppe.

Look at those darling shoes! I love them to pieces. They are complete with glass glittered stars and ribbon...and a lil sparkle in the center of the star. I had cut all the trim and stitched it in place. Lots & lots of detail in this sweetie-pie.

On to a weather report, cuz I know you just love that! We had a massive thunder/lighting storm rip through here last night. Lots of twigs laying around. They are such a joy to pick up. LOL Now it is very HUMID out. It is just nasty, when you walk outside...that is why I am staying in doors, with the AIR ON! The only way to be. Toodles for now kiddies and have a good evening. ~Tonya


~Witch Box & Spooky Banner~

I finally finished up my Witch...but she is attached to a box! She looks quite Whimsical and just so SWEET! She has lots of character and I just love the box. I am a DOT Lover...

I made both a box and a banner and have decided to list both of them together, on Etsy. I do hope that you will go and take a peek...

The German glass on the banner *Sparkles* so very pretty, which is hard to capture in pictures. The glitter will also tarnish over time, for that thyme-worn look...

I have a couple of other things on my table...calling my name. I got a slow start today, stayed up waaaay too late last night, working.

Summer here is just flying by. We have already done some back to school shopping...yes, we start early so that things don't get picked over. We also start early, so we do not get "hit" all at once with supplies, clothing, bags, shoes, etc! With 3 kiddos, you have to start somewhere *smirk* Nothing much else here....Have a grand day! ~Tonya


~Miss BOO Bunny~

I thought I would share with you, my latest handmade! I was working on a Witch dollie this weekend and on Monday, but she was fighting me "tooth & nail", so I set her aside, hence another Bunny was born! I must say, I love making my bunny bunnies. No lip stitching to fight with and no sculpted noses. *smirk* Maybe I am just enjoying making bunnies too much?? I am not sure. This bunny is just the sweetest and is loaded with so much detail...

The picture here, has a little bit of a "haze" to it. I think because of the humidity level here, when I went outside to take the pictures, the inside or outside of the camera go hit with moisture? The other pictures show the detail too...so, I think it is okay. Miss BOO has a lil clay buddy with her, called Sir Skelly. And I made for her a BOO Banner with Real German Glass glitter, so very pretty!

I have listed her in my ETSY SHOPPE. I hope all is going well for each of you. I don't get much time to visit, so sorry. Summer time is so very busy for me....trying to keep up with 3 kids, house work, creating and all the other things in life...well, there is just not much time left over. Stay cool where ever you are. Here in MN, it is humid and just YUCKY - STICKY - HOT!!! Boo-hissss. I am staying inside, where it is nice and cool. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Halloween Queen - Bella Bunny~

WOW - Where does the time go? I have 3 projects that I am working on at that same time (not normal for me), and have been dragging my feet a bit...getting lost in the details again. I had so much fun making Miss Bella Bunny, you have not idea. I love it when...you create something and when you look at the finished dollie, they make you smile ;)

Miss Bella Bunny is complete with so much hand stitched detail, sparkle and a little clay Jack-O Pumpkin that it did take a while. I made some different eyes on this lil sweetie and added some shimmer to her eyelids! No Queen is complete without her crown!

Miss Bella Bunny is one of my larger dollies. She is so sweet! I am getting into the Halloween spirit, because when August or Sept. start to roll around, I start making Autumn and Winter things and of course the kiddies are getting back to school...so who knows how much Halloween goodies I will get done then...

Look at that SWEET face and those eyes! Aren't they just so pretty? I love them and must make a regular dollie with them...she on the table. *smirk* I have Miss Bella Bunny listed in my Etsy Shoppe. I hope you enjoy your weekend! It has been pretty warm here, but not as hot as other places, so I will not complain. Have a Grand Weekend All! Ta-ta for now kiddies, ~Tonya


~Happy 4th~

Wishing each of YOU a Happy & Safe 4th of July!
Happy Birthday to America
Make some Happy Memories...
Blessings, ~Tonya


Awesome NEW Find!

I am sure you have seen them on TV, but thought to yourself....would those work? Yes, they do!! They are such an awesome little invention and don't know what I did without them! Ya know if you have long hair and you have a pony-tail or need a band so tight, to make your hair stay put...they tend to make your head hurt or even give you head-aches, well not these little babies!

Love them and got my set a couple of days ago. We are having pretty hot weather here in MN and I have been using my Spin Pin's everyday. Just thought I would give my opinion on them and share with you, just in case you had not seen them. Have a fabulous Friday and a Safe 4th of July! Toodles, ~Tonya


~Miss Blooming Betsy~

Fabric can be so very inspiring! I purchased a few different fabrics and have been so inspired from them. I use to make things a little more distressed, but with such pretty fabrics and prints, I do not have the heart to dirty them up...thus, making my more whimsical side coming out. I love Miss Blooming Betsy. I have used glass eyes on her and that look, in person is just so very neat. Those eyes look like they have SOUL!

Miss Blooming Betsy Miss Blooming Betsy is full of "POSITIVITY" and Believes we all should ~Thrive & Grow & BLOOM~ So very true and words we all should live by. I made for Betsy 5 flowers that are removable and have some sparkles on them. I have her listed on Etsy, with shipping included. I had so much FUN creating her.

I also wanted to wish each of you a Happy & Safe 4th of July. I thought I better do that now, just in case I am not around to post something on the 4th. Make some Happy Memories. Toodles, ~Tonya