~Sweet Abby-Rose~

Yup, another bunny! I love making these bunnies! At times, they sure beat making lips on dollies *smirk* I think lips have always been my "quirk" for making dollies. At times, they can go so smooth and other times, they fight me "tooth & nail"...

This is Miss Abby-Rose! She is so very sweet with her WISH Banner. She holds a star in her hand, as a little reminder to make a WISH, because after all, they do come true. Abby-Rose is listed in My Etsy Shoppe.

Look at those darling shoes! I love them to pieces. They are complete with glass glittered stars and ribbon...and a lil sparkle in the center of the star. I had cut all the trim and stitched it in place. Lots & lots of detail in this sweetie-pie.

On to a weather report, cuz I know you just love that! We had a massive thunder/lighting storm rip through here last night. Lots of twigs laying around. They are such a joy to pick up. LOL Now it is very HUMID out. It is just nasty, when you walk outside...that is why I am staying in doors, with the AIR ON! The only way to be. Toodles for now kiddies and have a good evening. ~Tonya


Tracy said...

Ohh she is adorable. You did it again. You are so talented.

Chickadee Primitives said...

I love your work! Just popping by through a google search. I saw your bun here, and i said, "HOLY CUTE-NESS" :)