What I have been up too...

Thought I would show you a Birthday card I made for my sister. I love playing with paper. Pretty glitter in the center....love all things that glitter too!

A bit of a close-up. Lots of layers to that flower. And what I have been up too.....Lots and lots of cleaning and organizing! Going through things I have wanted to for so long, getting rid of a lot of stuff that - I JUST DO NOT NEED! Feels so GOOD too!!

I have shelves in my basement, like what you see in stores (gondola units) and quite a few of them I might add....well, most of them are now empty! Yeee haaawww! We are removing the shelves and not having them in the basement....you know the old saying, the more storage you have, the more you tend to collect/have.

I am "weeding out" and don't want to be a "keeper" anymore. I am starting to do things for me! Things that make me feel good...on the inside and out. It's about time too ;) So often I do so many things for others and I tend to forget about ME. I have been a bit slow in the creating dept. which is fine, at the moment. This time of the year is normally used for lots of "reflecting" and lots of "thoughts".

Just thought I would stop in and say HI! I have not been a very good blogger lately (shame on me), but I have been getting lots done! Like Martha S. says, "That's a GOOD thing". Have a wonderful evening and Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Tracy said...

Thank you for commenting and following my blog. Your dolls are precious. A lot of love and work go into them.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your card is beautiful! I love when I get my craft room cleaned out, organized and de-cluttered. It is indeed, a "good thing". I just took a big load of "stuff" to work yesterday to give away. Now I have some clean shelves just waiting for whatever!

anniebeez said...

Very pretty!