~I am Honored!!

Spellbinders had a Call-Out for a New Design Team for 2010, it was at the tail end of last year. I thought about it long an hard. I thought it would be neat to try-out for the design team. I made my card, my altered art project, a 12x12 layout and a 500 word essay about Me....and then submitted them. I didn't tell anyone, I just kept it to myself and told my hubby and kids. I just waited for the announcement to roll around and that day was today!

I was contacted by Spellbinders today and was told I am among the 24 Finalist! I am so Honored. I never thought that I would be chosen from so many submissions....now the REAL, STIFF Competition begins! I have to make a 12x12 layout. It is a challenge and they want to see your best work. Spellbinders will send each of the 24 finalist product to completed the challenge. They will make the announcement on Feb. 27th. This is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once! I had to let you all in on my Good News. I know this is not about doll making, but most of you know how much I love paper! Yup, me and my "Paper Pretties".

I thought I would show you the card, the altered art project and the layout that made me a finalist. I had so much fun creating them.

You will not see much of me this week....I am DEEP in paper work....TAX TIME! No fun, but it must be done. We made our tax appointment for Thursday. We did this so that I had a dead-line and no excuses for any procrastination! *smirk* A girl has to do, what a girl has to do...to get it done! I hope you all had a fabulous day. As for here, in MN... it is snowing again. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Cris said...

Wow! That is wonderful! You make such pretty things--good for you!

Holly - Wild Wyoming Girl said...

I made the top 24 too, and am a current Spellbinders DT member. I checked out your website and just LOVE it! You art is so fun, fresh and funky. Best of Luck to you!

Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art said...

Well girl you definitely have a calling/talent in the paper arts world...wishing you all the best...Good luck. Hugs Susan

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much Cris, Holly and Susan! This is all new for me and it will be a challenge.

Thank you for stopping by.


Wings and Paws Whimsies said...

Awesome Miss Tonya!!! That is so awesome and those are beautiful and speaking from someone that has the luxury of owning some of your paper goodies...they made the right choice!!! Hugs and Loves... Me

West Side of Straight said...

You are so talented. Love checking out whats new. love the bunnies. Congrats on making top 24. Have a great week.

Dana said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Tonya, that is AWESOME, girl!!! w00t w00t & doing a major HAPPY DANCE with you!!!

I love the card, the tree and the layout you did. Super duper exciting!!!

Good luck with your taxes ...


~Tonya said...

Thank you so much for all of your ♥ Sweet ♥ words. They mean so much.

Mo, you are a doll. I had forgot about the "paper pretties" I sent you. LOL

Dana, you are so sweet, to be so Happy for me. Thank you!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Jackie said...

Congrats, that is wonderful news!!!! You so deserve it and what an honor.

Thanks for stopping by. I will add your name 3x more.

My art reetreat is in Las Vegas :) There was one close to my house, in Madison Wi, but it cancelled and it was actually cheaper to go out west. My paraents are joining me and my sweet hubby is taking over the house, so I am one happy girl!! Have a good productive week too ;) Smiles, Jackie

Bittersweet Pastimes said...

Congrats Tonya! Your work is beautiful. And best of luck on your new project for the final challenge. I just got my taxes to our attorney this morning. So glad they're out of here and know what you mean about procrastinating. :)~Debbie

Jackie said...

Tonya your my giveaway winner.
Email me your addy and I will package and ship out :)

kaniki's said...

A big congrats to Miss Tonya!! And a long time hello- as I haven't stopped in for a spell... :)

Wow- I gotta say- it's like me- reading about me on here- with the setting of the appt. with the accountant- so that I HAVE to get it all done!! That's me!! Yup!! Too funny!!

So- my friend- congrats on being a finalist!! Rooting for you- and just love everything as always!!

Big Hugs
Kaniki's Prims & Whims...

Annie said...

Wow !! Congrats to you Missy !! This is so exciting for you..I will keep my fingers crossed for you...I know you can do this...your ooooozing with talent!! Hugs Annie

Justine said...

Congratulations, this is HUGE

Fern said...

WOW Tonya, these are just Gorgeous!! Congratulations I hope you make the team!! I scrolled down your blog and I am just amazed at everything you do... So very talented!! We have to go to our CPA Saturday! YUCK!!