~Ahanna & Gracie~

Meet Ahanna & Gracie, they will be on ebay this evening. Ahanna has glass eyes, which are so very neat...but are very hard to photograph. In person, they are so much more sweet. I had to take the pictures inside, because of all of the snow and cold temps.

Sweet Ahanna has so much detail to her. I love the color combination (browns & pinks), that I decided to use. Sweet Ahanna & Gracie are just waiting patiently for SPRING to arrive!

This lil bunny is my favorite, I think. I love making lil critters to go along with my dollies...they just take so much thought and time to create. I will be scheduling Sweet Ahanna & Gracie to start on ebay this evening, for 5 days to end on Wednesday evening. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Love your dollie and bunny ~ and all the pretty details ! I also love pink and brown together !


West Side of Straight said...

They are both so cute! You've been busy. Love the bunny fuzzy ears! We had lovely frosty trees here in No Minn again this morning.
You sure will have a wet driveway later this spring.

Anonymous said...

Oh darlin, I can see the time and love that went into Ahanna and Gracie... and I love their names... too sweet. I hope we get to catch up soon, I miss ya my friend.. Hugs, Mo

Dana said...

Tonya, I have always loved your dollies ... Ahanna & Gracie are so very sweet!!! Wonderful work!!!

Have a wonderful day ...


L~ said...

Hi Tonya!

Long time no "see!" :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I have a giveaway going on my selling blog too if you want to peek @ that & sign up!

Hope all is well with you! L~