I am on a ROLL!!

I think I need to "pinch myself".....I am on a roll folks! I thought I would share my good fortune (Lucky Streak)! A couple of weeks ago, Jackie of Fat Jak Originals, was having a giveaway "Spreading the LVE", she called it ;) I was the LUCKY one that WON! I received that SWEET lil Girl today and she is too ADORABLE!! You should go and visit Jackie's blog, she has such a way with her creations! Thank you so much, Jackie!! I will always treasure her and think of you when I look at her!

And today, I received an email from Justine at "CARDiology" ~ Cards from the Heart by Justine and she told me I was the WINNER of her Blog Giveaway for her 2nd Blogoversary! Thank you so much, Justine! You should stop on over to Justine's blog, she is very creative and has lots of Inspiration in the paper department! Lots of Paper Pretties.

I have been staying quite busy around here, not getting much done......but that is how things go some times. We had a nice Valentine's Day...we went out to eat Saturday evening and then on Sunday, I was greeted with lots of handmade cards and such. Even hubby made me a card ;) I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with lots of LVE!!

I have a special order that I am finishing up and I am also working on a dollie. See, lots of "Coals in the Fire"! I also submitted my Spellbinders Challenge piece for the Finals. I figure if I win, I win (which would be great) and if I don't win...then I know it was not meant to be and I know that I put my best foot forward.

Geez, I had not posted for a while and that is not like me...I wonder what is up with that? I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Thanks for letting me ramble! Toodles, ~Tonya

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Helen F. said...

Congratulations Tonya! I just popped on over from Justine's Blog~I enjoyed checking out your wonderful works of art...I'll be back often :o)