Winters Beauty...

For the past couple of days, we have had so much moisture in the air, it has created heavy, dense fog, which creates a BEAUTIFUL Winterland. This is about the only thing I love about winter....aside from newly, gentle fallen snow that kisses Mother Earth and sparkles from the sun and moon light. I love the look of the particles that "collect" to the trees...

It is beautiful! You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. We are suppose to get rain/snow. Rain for Minnesota in January is very unusual and we do not want to mix rain, with our cold temperatures....makes for dangerous conditions. I hope it passes us by. We have quite enough snow and do not need the rain.

A pine tree out our window. I am almost done with a dollie! Can you believe it. She will hold in her hand a neat lil needle-felted kitty-cat. I love kitty-cats. I was hoping to finish her today, but won't finish in time to take pictures of her, edit the pictures and list her. That is a whole days work there practically...

And one last picture. Boy, I sure do skip around *smirk* pictures and talking about winter, to my dollie, back to pictures, etc...HA! That is me, there is no rhyme or reason to my madness really. My dollie is dress in pretty black & white print (a fairly newly released print), I really like the look of it. I will have to think of a name for her. I must get moving. Have a wonderful evening. Winter Blessings to you, ~Tonya


While writing this post, I received a comment from Dear Erika of "Erika's Cupboard". Her and I have exchanged emails and smiles over the years, while both selling and creating over the past couple of years. Erika is a very sweet gal and I love what she has written on the front page of her website. You may be asking, why am I telling you this, Erika asked me to let others know....she is closing her website! Click on banner to go to Erika's Website!

Erika is having a SALE on her patterns, $2.00 a piece -- that is it! Snatch them up while you can. She is also having a big sale on some fabric and also on her doll hair/wool. Be sure to go to Erika's Website to check it out.

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Phillane E'lee said...

Such pretty pictures Tonya! I hope you don't get rain. We have had enough rain here, but that is January in Washington for ya!

Can't wait to see your dollie. A whole days work is right. It is so much work, most folks don't even know.

Have a good one my friend.