Obviously I do not have any NEW handmades done....so you get to listen to my "mindless dribble"! *smirk* Most of you (that follow my blog), know that I have a son in 9th grade. Jordan comes home with a lot of homework (too much in my opinion, but who am I to say), at any rate he asks me for help. I was a pretty "smart cookie" in my day (or so I thought)! Have you ever heard of "Prepositional Phrases"? Google it and see if you can really find a straight answer!

They make Jordan depict practically every single thing you , was bad enough...in the late 80's and now they gave found more. Sadly to say, I could not really help him properly and he is going back to school tomorrow with unfinished homework. How very sad is that?

A few months back I started waking up with major jaw/teeth pain. I woke up clenching my teeth! What was up with that? I also noticed I started clenching my teeth in the day, during heavy thoughts....could I be stressed out? Most likely! So, I took it upon myself to purchase a Night Guard for my teeth....not exactly like the one above, but close to it. I molded it to my upper teeth and wore it for the first time last night. We shall see in a couple of days if it is worth the almost 20 bucks I spent on it. Takes me back to the days when I had to wear one at night, after braces!

Today was a nice day. We went to church, out to Perkin's for lunch and then to FAMILY BOWLING! It was fun. We have not done a FUN family outing together for a long time....it was LONG overdue. Lots of SMILES, Lots of Strikes/Spares and yummy eats! Of course the day could not go without some whining at the bowling alley, what else can children do. HA! We are use to it by now. Now, maybe I can get some work done this week, since last week was a total bomb-out. I hope you all had a good Sunday. Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Cris said...

Oh yes, I remember the homework days. I had three in high school/junior high at once and the homework in the evening was murder. I could usually help with everything until they got in the advanced math classes--ugh!!

Prim and Proper Folks said...

I hear ya about the high school homework, Tonya. I always thought it was too much, but just wait until college..there's even more. It's probably good practice for those college days that are most likely on their way for this smart fella!!

Good luck with the night guard. I hope that solves your headache problems. You are too happy a person to suffer with that kind of pain. Sending happy thoughts your way...Susan

p.s. LOVE the new pic of you!!!