~TDIPT Mercantile~

TDIPT Mercantile has updated (well most of them) and this is one of my offernings. I had so much fun making these Valentine Goodies. A LOVE banner made with hand stamped paper, eyelest and glass glittered letters and then the edges are finished off with mica flakes....

I also made a heart garland. The hearts are 2 inches tall and wide. The garland is over 8 feet long and can be displayed so many ways. I added a rusty bell in between each heart. Each heart is glass glittered. And finally I have painted a paper mache box and made a little "Be MINE Valentine" sign-age for the front. Such a neat offerning for V-Day...

Then I have my Sweet Ellie-phant. She is so neat in person. I used a Cheswick Co. pattern to make this. But I did add my own touches. I only have one available of each of my offerings. I tried to offer more affordable things...at least for a while from time to time. As we all hope for a CHANGE. I do hope that things CHANGE and for the better...

I had to show you the back of Sweet Ellie, look at that lil tail. Just so neat. I have my sweet lil mice and Ellie on my desk...so that I may enjoythem for a while. Well, I need to get back to work. I have to get busy and make something for ebay and for STJ. I hope you are all having a great weekend. We had 37 degrees today. YAY!! Finally ABOVE the freezing point. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~My Painting~

I just listed my very first painting on ebay. She is listed for 5 days and will end on Sunday evening. We shall see how she does. It is always a bit difficult, stepping out of your "comfort zone". It was fun, but different (well and difficult)...

I was able to take different pictures for this painting...a bit better. I still am not as happy with the pictures, as I would like to be...but at times, you take what you can get. Know what I mean?

In person, it looks so much prettier. There is crackle, aging and texture. I have it sitting on my desk, leaning against the wall, at the moment. I will look at it, while it is up on ebay...

I love the dress. In person, you can see in the dress, there is shades of green, to match her lil leggins that I painted for her. It was lots of fun, but of for the past couple of days, I BEEN WORKING and that is what I need to do. Gotta get crackin' on things for those deadlines. Ta ta for now kiddies. Have a good evening. ~Tonya

~Whimsical Mice~

Awwww, aren't these just the S-W-E-E-T-E-S-T Little Mice! I had so much FUN making these little mousers and they are so very different for me. I FINALLY used some of my mohair. Yup, I am dabblin' in that too (I am also working on a couple of other things with mohair...

I must give a bit of credit and inspiration credit thou, so that goes to The Cheswick Co. for the pinkeep bottom and Soft in the Head for the looking up mousie.

This are more so decorative pin-keeps and bigger then what you think. They are about 13.5 inches round, 8 inches tall and about 4.5 inches wide...

Lil mousers are 4 inches tall and so very sweet! I really love them *smirk* I made lil wire tails for them, along with a teeny tiny rusty bell and a paper flower on each tail, for whimsy. I hand stitched the wool felt to the top and then hand stitched each mouse and garland to the top of each pin-keep as well. I put a dowel through to stable the mousie, atop the pin-keep too.

I also filled them with steele shot, so they sit nice. They have glass eys, wax whiskers, blushed ears and cheeks, for sweetness. I added a neat pin and a lil heart...that reads "Made with Love". I will have these sweeties on TDIPT Mercantile for the update on the 1st.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to give a shout. Well, these lil mousers have made me think of Sweet Spring today...and it just simply can not arrive soon enough! Toodles for now, ~Tonya


~Give of Yourself~

And here is my VERY FIRST "Works of Whimsy" (I think that is what I am going to call my paintings) onto wood! I am very happy with the way this painting finished up, but the pictures didn't turn out the greatest.

The title of this painting is, "Give of Yourself", because as we all know, when you give of yourself, you are better for it and giving of yourself...is the best gift you can possible give!

See, I went to take pictures and my kids had used ALL 3 sets of my rechargeable batteries. I had to charge them and by the time I was able to use them, it was dark. I added texture to the edges and the flying heart, it looks so neat in person. I hope to take better pictures for the listing on Tuesday...

I used paper, glitter, crackle finish, pencils and stamps. I think she turned out pretty. This piece roughly measures 10 x 12 and has a hanger on the back. I believe I am going to list this on ebay, to start on Tuesday and end on Sunday.

I had a lot of fun with this piece, but am still learning (and have a lot to learn). This piece took me longer than I thought it would...I think I could have made two dollies, in the time it took. *smirk* Isn't that how it goes, when we are learning.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I have much to do this week....as I must start getting things going for the Mercantile update, on the 1st. I didn't have anything for this month on either of my selling sites....and I must get something done for both sites this month. Have a great Sunday evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


Oh, how FUN!!

Annie at ~Glitter Your World~ has done it again! More yummy trims! I know I had to get ME some of her NEWEST trims and such. I have learned...it is all about the "small things", that will add that certain "touch of whimsy" to your handmades...

Here is a close up of just one of the NEWEST trims that "Glitter your WORLD" has to offer. Just think of how neat it will look, lightly aged. I simply cannot wait to use mine. The best thing about Annie's website is, all the shipping is INCLUDED (for those of you purchasing from the U.S. - outside the U.S. she adds a bit).

Annie has more then just glass glitter, (don't let the name of her website fool you)! She has ribbons, tinsel cording, garland, shimmer spray, feather wings, glass glittered stars and hearts, etc... So be sure to go and visit Annie at "GLITTER YOUR WORLD"....

Because it is ~~ALL ABOUT THE SPARKLE~~ add a little to your LIFE. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Taking Flight~

This is my one of my WIP (works in progress). I use to sketch all the time, sadly some where along this journey I call life....had stopped. I purchased a journal, purchased a book called "Taking Flight" and have been watching "You Tube" videos and here I am...with my little angel...

It was silly of me to put all this work into my journal and I have yet to do some more shading around the stars and such...but when I sketched her...she was begging me to be brought to life!
She is only penciled in (with artist pencils), but in person, it looks so neat the way I blended the colors.

This picture (and lighting) did not do this justice, but thought I would share. I made the paper wings, stars and crowns and covered them with fine, clear glitter...Now I must put them to something different then paper and mix it up with paints and such. I am a bit of a chicken, but did buy some wood yesterday...

Outside this morning was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We did not receive any snow, but with the warmer temps and the moisture in the air, all the "FLUFF" collected to the trees. I had to show the close up picture, because the ones that were farther away...didn't show up too well. I must go, I have done to much playing today and must "crack down" and get some work done. Ta ta for now kiddies, ~Tonya

~Sweet Lily Bunny~

I am finally getting around to showing you my Sweet Lily Bunny in more detail. She is my first bunny, in my "Wee-Leggins Collection". I was very happy with the way that she turned out...
This is the paper butterfly/flower garland that I made for Lily to hold. I put eyelets on each side for durablity. I have wanted to make paper garlands for quite some time, but there is just something about punching a hole in paper and then wondering if it will hold up over time. I glittered the butterflies and flowers (although the camera did not pick it up well) and double backed them for stability...

And look at the base! So FUN with the dots. I put lil dots on her legs too, so cute. You can click on the picture to go to her auction. I have Sweet Lily on ebay, she will end on Sunday evening.

Other then that, not much going on around here. I am getting my hair cut tomorrow and also getting a set of tires put on my van and an alignment.......oh and hubby is putting on a new steering rack today and a couple of other things (he is a good mechanic, but does not like to do that anymore).

He was a mechanic even while he was in High School and was up until about 4 years ago. He has gone back to it part-time, for a second job. It is always something...times like these are when credit cards come in handy. Don't like to use them, but if you need too, you need too. I hope you all have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Thank you, Pea~

Pea of "Whimiscal Endevors" (formally Pea Picker's Primitives) sent me this wonderful pinkeep. I saw a wee-bit of it, in one of my pictures below. I never took the time to blog my AWESOME goodies from her (shame on me). I loved everything. Remember, she had a contest/giveaway for her name change and I WON. Pea could not get my goodies out to me, because of the terrible weather she was having.

I receive quite a few goodies from her, but sadly at that time, I was just too tired (or just plain lazy maybe?) to blog them. I took this picture from her blog and enhanced it. She gave me a wool stocking with a snowfolk on it, goodies inside and one of her lil' primitive trees with glass glitter...and my favorite candy! Thank you Pea, you are a DOLL for sure!! I LOVE all of my goodies...but, the Pinkeep is my favorite!!

And....want to hear something really funny? Pea and I both signed up for the "Love Tokens Swap", put on by "Prim and Whimsy Girls". Well, neither of us knew the other one signed up and didn't find out until later....well, we have sent each other quite a few things in the past and well, and you see the above handmade pinkeep just for me too *smirk* We recieved out SWAP NAMES on Sunday and low and behold------we got each other! Isn't that a HOOT! I just had to share that. Have a wonderful evening. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


To soothe my SOUL...

Why did I name this post "To soothe my Soul" you ask? Well, I have been "restless". My mind is wandering and I feel like I am stumbling aimlessly. I have so many things I want to try, so many things I want to do and yet lately, I really do nothing. I want to broaden my perspective on my art. I want to be "content" with my handmades/art like I use to be. I want to work with more then just cloth....

Hubby and I do not exchange gifts at Christmas really, so I took it upon myself to go shopping today (to comfort my SOUL). I of course wanted to go by myself, but I didn't wake up early enough...due to that little "Wee-Leggins" sittin' in the background of this picture. I just had to finish her....
So, me and the kiddies took an adventure to Rochester (about an hour away). We went to Hobby Lobby and Micheal's. Two of my favorite places, (besides quilt shoppes and antique shoppes). I told the kids that since they were going with...I had to be the "Coupon Queen" and print 4 coupons for each place and they had to purchase items for me, with my money...to save me money. *smirk* Yes, I let them pick out some goodies....Jordan took the cash (such a teenager)!

See, I had planned to go by myself today and all the while, the kids were begging to go with. So, they saved me quite a bit of money. My more expensive things, I used a 40% coupon for, otherwise I would not have been able to purchase half of the things I did. No to mention, there were lots of 50% off sales, so that was very nice...
O0000 la la, look at that yummy paper! I want to make some little tags and I am starting to paint again (well somewhat), sketching and I want to journal, etc... There are so many things that I want to make. I even purchased some mohair a few weeks ago and have been "playing" with that. I am going to be totally different in 2009! Just you wait and see.

I also purchased a "cropadile (which I LOVE). That is pictured in the first photo, in this post. Got that at Jo-Ann's with 40% off....this past week. I love a SALE! So, with that new tool, I made a little butterfly/flower garland for my little Wee-Leggins bunny. She turned out sweet and I will be listing her tomorrow on ebay. Love that new tool, it is so much fun to use.

Well, I think this is my longest post in quite a while. Lots to share and lots to say. I think on my blog this year, I would like to share more with all of you. We shall see how time permits. Having 3 kids and a crazy schedule most of the time, well time does mangae to slip away quite a bit faster. So, I have much to do and time is not standing still. Ta ta for now. ~Tonya


~Bitter COLD~

Today, the kids had a 2 hour late start. I looked outside and though "why"? It looks like a pretty nice day, the sun is out shining and it just looks pretty. Boy, we were fooled! It is BITTER COLD out.

I park my van in the garage. My van has a thermometer and in the garage, it showed 5 above. I knew it was colder then that (we had not listened to the radio for more then the late start)------well, we watched the temp go down, down, down. The girls actually counted it down. It was 14 below, then 13, then you get the idea. Finally it quit at 20 below. Yes, you read that right! 20 BELOW ZERO. On the radio they said, factor in the wind-chill and it can be up to 38 below zero. I feel like I am living in the Artic. This winter already feel so long and so cold. I am ready for SPRING. It simply can not get here soon enough.

So, I have a picture of that little squirrel up there....how do they survive the winter? I still see them out. Trying to find food. They are so small. I still see little birds flying around. The little sparrow's and a few others....how do they survive? Really makes you wonder. My furnace keeps running and I am dreading the LP guy coming again! Okay enough grumbling....

On another note, it is bright and the sun is shinning. I am a little more then half way on my special order and should be wrapping it up, very soon. Yay!! I hope you all have a great day. Stay warm and safe, if you are in an area that is receiving lots of snow and cold temps. Ta ta for now, ~Tonya


What were they thinkin!

We have been hearing all across Minnesota that a BLIZZARD was coming our way, starting this morning and not ending until tomorrow some time. Visibiltiy was diminished worse then in this picture, as I waited for the bus, with the kids today. I said, why are they even having school? I said, I should keep you kids home today....I should have followed my gut! It is getting really terrible out and the wind is just starting to pick up....JOY!

School is letting out 4 hours early, so that is around 11:00 ish, but I feel that even closing at 11:00 ish, is going to give them a "run for their money". Some have already let out as early as 9:00 am. Some had a two hour late start, which was smart! It let them see what the weather was going to do and then they could just cancel it, as District 241 should have done!

Last school year during a blizzard (when school should have been canceled from the get-go), I waited for over 2 1/2 hours for my kids to get home on the bus, in a blizzard and no one and I mean NO ONE should have been out driving in it. I commend the bus drivers for having to drive in such horrible conditions. So today, I am very frustrated and this leaves me thinking, when in the whole area, there is NO DRIVING ADVISED and WEATHER ADISORIES all across the board, why would District 241 have school today? What were they thinkin?

So, now at about noon-ish, I will get to wait for probably about 2 hours (give or take) worrying, wondering and waiting if my kids will make it home safe. I should have followed my gut and kept them home, where I knew they would be safe. Stay warm and have a good day. ~Tonya


~Soaking up the SUN~

King had the right idea of staying warm! I took this the other day (in the back porch, where I keep all of my supplies). He is in my large trencher, whick I have not found a home for yet...so it is among my "stuff". King is so very sweet. I am so glad we were able to tame him and keep him. Animals bring so much into someone's life.

Any who, I have not been up to much. I am currently working on a special order. I hope to be done with it within the next day or so and then I can play. We are in for a cold snap here, towards the end of the week...with the cold, we are suppose to get some snow too. On the over-nights later this week, it is suppose to get as cold as 17 below. Let's hope it isn't windy that day.

I must go, I have lots to do and time is a wasting. I hope you all had a great weekend. Stay warm, if it is cold where you are at. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Valentine Angel~

Here is my first dollie of the year! I think she turned out so very sweet...Meet "Fancy", that is her name. She is a very sweet dollie and I am very please with how she turned out. She is one one of my larger dollies and measures almost 24 inches tall...
Her face is fully hand painted and then sealed. Her roses on her dress and on her halo, so very pretty, she has crystals in the center. Here dress is finished with some ribbon, all hand stitched in place.

Here halo is only pinned in place, with a glass glitted decorative pin...embellieshed with some more roses, leaves and vintage style tinsel garland. Her wings are feathers and are secured in place, here hair is wool from Crowing About Primitives, that is all needle felted in place....
Lots of detail on Fancy...I made for her some "Valentine Pretties", made of printed vintage images, double backed for durablitly and finished with ribbon, glitter ane such. I made loops and then strung them onto real vintage trim. They are removeable and then you can have Fancy for Christmas as well...I would leave her out all year long *smirk*

Her shoes are trimmed with hand stitched on trim. Lots of hours into the sweet gal. I am aiming to list her for this evening on ebay. I hope you enjoyed seeing my first piece of the year. Did you look closely into her eye's? I wanted to make a dollie with less detail, but it just was not in me. I must go, my work area looks like a tornado touched down. Have a great day. Ta-ta for now, ~Tonya

~Alley-Cat Rescue~

Jenny from "Wonders of Whimsy" has started "Alley-Cat Rescue" and she needs your help. Jenny is going to attempt to capture these homeless kitties and get them spayed/neutered....I hope it goes well. If they are spayed and neutered, then there will be less babies roaming around and to try to get the populationg stiffled. There are so many homeless kitties near her area. You can read about it, on the blog, just click the link to Alley-Cat Rescue.

Here is the neat part, if you donate to Jenny for the "cause", you can have a chance at winning one of her sweet dollies. She is donating two of her dollies for the Rescue. Just a dollar, per chance.......yup, that is it! So, hurry on over and visit Alley-Cat Rescue, the drawing is on Jan. 31st. I know I did my part to try to help. Toodles, ~Tonya


~Holiday Hootenanny~

Spooky Time Jingles is having a Holiday Hootenanny! What is a Holiday Hootenanny you ask? Well we are tossing Valentine goodies in with Halloween and Christmas. I think it will all Commingle nicely.

I don't think I will be able to update this month :( Shame on me. I wanted to par-take on some of the FUN on Spooky Time Jingles, but I did not get my ducks in a row quick enough...

Be sure to stop by STJ on the 13th, to see all of the wonderful eye candy...from so very many talented artists. Tata for now, ~Tonya

~Marley and Me~

More then just a movie, about the world's worst dog. It is a story of Life. Love. Loss. Human Compassion. Family. Frustration. The Daily grind. Giving of yourself. Marriage. Compromise. A Promise. And so much more. I could relate to this movie on so many different levels. I loved this movie and cried more then once.

The kids and I went to Marley and Me, last week and I must say, I for one will be buying the DVD when it comes out. I never read the book, but I recommend the movie. My kids loved the movie equally as well and I honestly do not think there was a dry seat in the theater.

On another note, so sorry I have not posted and have been MIA. I have been obsessed with cleaning/organizing......I think to just get lost in my thoughts and such...getting lost, without leaving. It was kids by day and cleaning/organizing by night. I think I am over it and have started to work again. I have a dollie calling my name and a special order in waiting, that I must finish.

I am working on a Valentine dollie and am having a wonderful time with her. She is going to be a "polished" dollie and for Valentines...I just do not know if she should be an angel, with feather wings or a fancy dollie. We will have to see. I may call her FANCY. She is quite different from my usual dollies. I needed a break from doll making and such....Thank you so much for the kind emails. I sure do appreciate being thought of. Well, I must get back to work. I hope ya all have a great day. Toodles, ~Tonya