~Alley-Cat Rescue~

Jenny from "Wonders of Whimsy" has started "Alley-Cat Rescue" and she needs your help. Jenny is going to attempt to capture these homeless kitties and get them spayed/neutered....I hope it goes well. If they are spayed and neutered, then there will be less babies roaming around and to try to get the populationg stiffled. There are so many homeless kitties near her area. You can read about it, on the blog, just click the link to Alley-Cat Rescue.

Here is the neat part, if you donate to Jenny for the "cause", you can have a chance at winning one of her sweet dollies. She is donating two of her dollies for the Rescue. Just a dollar, per chance.......yup, that is it! So, hurry on over and visit Alley-Cat Rescue, the drawing is on Jan. 31st. I know I did my part to try to help. Toodles, ~Tonya

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Jenny said...

You are a doll! Thanks so much for posting this and all the wonderful things you wrote. I am eternally gateful..I even got two extra donations just from our blog...how great is that. I have enough for almost two kitty's vet expenses so far. It really makes me feel better that so many people care about the little poopers.

Thanks again hon, from the bottom of my heart!