~Thank you, Pea~

Pea of "Whimiscal Endevors" (formally Pea Picker's Primitives) sent me this wonderful pinkeep. I saw a wee-bit of it, in one of my pictures below. I never took the time to blog my AWESOME goodies from her (shame on me). I loved everything. Remember, she had a contest/giveaway for her name change and I WON. Pea could not get my goodies out to me, because of the terrible weather she was having.

I receive quite a few goodies from her, but sadly at that time, I was just too tired (or just plain lazy maybe?) to blog them. I took this picture from her blog and enhanced it. She gave me a wool stocking with a snowfolk on it, goodies inside and one of her lil' primitive trees with glass glitter...and my favorite candy! Thank you Pea, you are a DOLL for sure!! I LOVE all of my goodies...but, the Pinkeep is my favorite!!

And....want to hear something really funny? Pea and I both signed up for the "Love Tokens Swap", put on by "Prim and Whimsy Girls". Well, neither of us knew the other one signed up and didn't find out until later....well, we have sent each other quite a few things in the past and well, and you see the above handmade pinkeep just for me too *smirk* We recieved out SWAP NAMES on Sunday and low and behold------we got each other! Isn't that a HOOT! I just had to share that. Have a wonderful evening. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Phillane E'lee said...

Thank you Tonya,
Ya cheater using my pic! LOL Yours would have been better but at least you did something to it... LOL
Oh you are most welcome my friend. Now I have to think up what on earth I am gonna do for the swap? Still don't know but it is hysterical for sure.
have a great day.

Kath said...

Good morning Tonya!
What a nice giveaway to win-I just love that pinkeep!

Have a wonderful day!


Jenny said...

oooh I love that pin keep! Lucky you. Your bunny is cute..are you gonna blog her?