~Soaking up the SUN~

King had the right idea of staying warm! I took this the other day (in the back porch, where I keep all of my supplies). He is in my large trencher, whick I have not found a home for yet...so it is among my "stuff". King is so very sweet. I am so glad we were able to tame him and keep him. Animals bring so much into someone's life.

Any who, I have not been up to much. I am currently working on a special order. I hope to be done with it within the next day or so and then I can play. We are in for a cold snap here, towards the end of the week...with the cold, we are suppose to get some snow too. On the over-nights later this week, it is suppose to get as cold as 17 below. Let's hope it isn't windy that day.

I must go, I have lots to do and time is a wasting. I hope you all had a great weekend. Stay warm, if it is cold where you are at. Toodles, ~Tonya


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your picture of your little kitty!! How cute!!
It is getting cold here later in the week also...!! High of 8!! Whoop!! LOL!!
You keep warm too!!!

Pam said...

Tonya he is so cute. Just taking it easy soaking up the sun...

We are supposed to get that real cold air on Wednesday.....Where is spring!!! I can hardly wait.

Have a wonderful week and don't work to hard.

Hugs Pam

Sue said...

I am not looking forward to that cold cold weather....My bones ache just thinking about it.....at least it shouldn't snow....Had about 15 cardinals and mates eating from my feeder today, along with the woodpeckers and chickdees and then of course the dang squirrls had to come and chase everyone away...My 2 dogs love chaseing the squirrls up the trees...Take care and have fun.

Tallowberry said...

Hi Tonya. I think King has the right idea...curl up in a warm, comfy spot and sleep the winter away! I hope the winds don't blow on you either , I cannot imagine temps that cold, but to have the wind blowing also would just be more than I could stand.

Happy sewing on your special order, with things like they are it's great to have special orders to work on.

Take care, keep warm and healthy. ~Diane

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a sweet picture!!! I think your trencher found a home:)
Have a wonderful day and keep warm, it's cold here too!

Kath said...

awh that's a great picture :)


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Tonya, glad you could calm the kitty and that he is working out to make a wonderful pet for you :)