A Tinker-rific Day!!

My Sydney (Ninny) turned 8 today! I thought I would share her day with you. I can't believe my baby --- my youngest--- just turned 8! My how time flies...

I had to share this card with you and tell you a bit about it. I stayed up waaaaaay late making this card for Ninny. I always tend to wait until the last minute and I heard the girls wake up this morning and they were looking for "The CARD"! Ninny didn't care about the presents so much, but it was the CARD *smirk*

Then I heard Ninny tell Courtney, maybe Mom didn't make me one? I put it out of sight, on purpose. I normally do not "lick" the envelope, so I didn't want any peeking. I think it is so neat how my kids now, look for the handmade cards, made by Me. You should have seen her face, when she opened the card...she loved it. Lots of layers and of course, pop-outs, to give it dimension. I think the card turned out very pretty and BTW, this birthday was ALL about Fairies and TinkerBell...

This book is an AMAZING book! There are tons of pop-out pages and just so very neat. Ninny picked this one out, she told me she had to have it...I surprised her with it. I had to show you this picture, because I thought Ninny looked so very pretty in this picture...she has a "glow" about her in this picture...

I guess I picked out another good one. *smirk* She was say, I wanted this, how did you know? I love seeing those expressions on their faces, when you give them just the thing they want...

And, have any of you ever seen the glitter cards, that you make by Martha S. they are awesome. I have a set of the butterfly ones and the bird ones. I purchased a set of the butterfly ones, for Courtney's birthday. Well, Ninny said -- I hope I get the bird ones for my birthday. Well, they happened to be all gone at the store.

What was I to do? I asked my Mom to look to see if they had them in their town, nope...they didn't. I went to another store about 35 miles away from here and looked and looked...finally found them. They only had one set left. It was meant to be! I was so happy and by the look on Ninny's face, you can tell she was so HAPPY! She already made one tonight too. I will have to post a picture of it, for you all to see...

Ninny wanted a Hershey Choc. Pie for her birthday....so that is what we got for her. She is growing up so fast. I still remember the day I had her. In a sense it seems so long ago and at the same time, it seems like it was just yesterday. Happy 8th Birthday to my Ninny & Sweet Dreams! I hope you all had a Beautiful day. Blessings, ~Tonya


Jenny Carter said...

Ninny does look real pretty here. Love the card. Oh and pop up books are awesome. I am happy she had a good day. I love the paper items you've been making...been a bad blogger lately, though. Can never comment on everyones posts.

AwtemNymf said...

Awwww a Faerie Friend too! How precious!
Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!
*Sprinkles Confetti*

Raggedykinfolk said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!

What a lucky little girl you are, your mom makes the best cards and yours is beautiful!

Have a wonderful Birthday!


Phillane E'lee said...

You are such a lucky little girl that has a Mom that goes through the sweat, love and yawns to make you a card. Buying you presents is work too as she puts so much thought into it. But the cards are one of a kind made only for you. Like a precious Gem rare and beautiful. A refection of you in your Mom's eyes!
Hope you had the best birthday.

Tallowberry Primitives said...

How great for your kids to have a Mom that puts the time and energy into making them special cards and finding that gift that they want so badly.

Tonya, I know you're making special memories that will last them a lifetime. What a gift to give a child.

A belated Happy Birthday to Sydney!