~Lucy-Lu & Little Lenny~

Okay, okay, I lied! I did manage to finish up my dollie set and have them scheduled to start on ebay, at 9 pm (central time). I have them listed for 3 days, so they will end on Sunday evening.
This set has lots and lots of detail...I think more then the last set, with hand stitchin' anyways. If you follow me on my blog, then you know how much I enjoy adding all of the details. With this set, I got lost in all of it. Courtney came up with the names for this dollie and skelly. It was actually a joke.

If lights or the TV is left on, I will ask her...who is in the living room or kitchen. etc...? She will say Lucy. Meaning like a "ghost", but in the "funny" sense of it. So, I asked her what I should name them...I said the skelly should be Lenny. She said, the dollie should be Lucy. I said that is kind of just normal. Well, you know we have a cat name Lulu...she said, how about Lulu for the dollie? I said, no...then Lucy-Lu came about and she Little Lenny. I think that is cute!

Here is a full shot of the two. Just adorable in person. The weather and time of day, was not on my side. It was windy, a bit dark with all of the clouds hanging over and well....it is hard to "capture" a dollie in pictures at times. Be sure to stop by ebay and check them out. No Reserve, so it is anyone's auction really. WOW, Lucky you...2 posts in one day! IMAGINE that *smirk* Toodles, ~Tonya


Tammy said...

OOOOhhhhh, I like this one too! And you know me I love the extras! Lenny, well you know I love him! Cute, Cute!!!! I love the colors of the material too!!!! Good Luck and somebody will be really lucky to get these!
Hugs~ Tammy

Phillane E'lee said...

I checked them out on ebay. ADORABLE!!! Love them both and the dress girl. If I wore dresses it might be one like that. LOL
Have a good one my friend.

Sonia ;) said...

So adorable sweetie. You have a great talent.

Sonia ;)

Jenny Carter said...

Just precious, as usual. DId you sew those stripes on her skirt? COOL. Good luck with her!

Denni said...

Oh, she is darling!! I'm gonna order one of your cuties once I get back from Disneyland in Aug. Hope your weekend is good :)

~Tonya said...

Ohhh, Thank you to all you gals. Such sweet words.

Yes Jenny, all hand cut and hand stitched on. So is the cat trim on the bottom of the dress.

I was FREAKING out last night, after she listed. I turned my computer off, because of thunder and lightning and used hubby's computer....BAD idea!!! I looked at my auction and was MORTIFIED!! She looks dark and RED in the face. NEVER look at a different monitor, then what you have listed dolls on. I don't like his monitor at all. He also has a wide monitor (I don't) and she looks short and fat.

I just want to cry. I hope all you ladies have a great weekend.


Stacey said...

Ohhhh myyyyy goodness!!!! As always, this is just tooo awesomely cute!!! Wonderful work! I wish you a ton of bids. Have a great weekend Tonya. :) ~Stacey

AwtemNymf said...

ohmywings- your killing me! I love these! Lurrve these!!!

cyndi said...

I agree with everyone, she's adorable...You do such AWESOME work on your lil gals, I especially love the patriotic lil gal in the red star dress, wish I could have had the chance to bid on her...hmmmm...verrrry nice work Tonya....keep inspiring us please...have a great nite...hugs Cyndi

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Love your new dollie!! I also wanted to let you know that you are the winner of my give away, so let me know your mailing info, and I will get it out to you!! ~Jackie