~Happy 4th of July~

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and happy 4th of July!! We ended the 3rd of July with our city parade. The city use to have the parade on the 3rd, so that our school band could march in the parade. Now, we still have the parade on the 3rd, but no marching band. Because of budget cuts and the expense of being in band, there is no band. How sad....we had such a great band.

We had a beautiful day for the parade...cloud cover and it looked like rain, we did get a few sprinkles, but it held out until after the parade. Here's my girls, they love being all crazy for the holidays. They were so cute today...hounding me all day ------ when are we going to leave! The parade didn't even start until 6 pm. HA! We left right after lunch and hung out in town all day. Didn't leave until after 9 pm.
And here is Jordan (the great fisherman), he didn't want his picture taken, yet he was smirking. You can surely tell he is a teenager! Oh and he is growing by leaps and bounds! he is 13 and is 5'11". He is taller then hubby.
I posted a picture of this man last year. He is one of those parade participants that is not easily forgotten. He has been in the parade, since as far back as I can remember....he is a survivor and by looking at him, I am sure he could tell lots of stories. He fought for our FREEDOM! He normally stands and this year, he is looking more fraile and older....
I really liked this unit in the parade. The "decked" out bus reads "Kids, are the heart of America"! So true. Lots of kids were around the bus, throwing out candy and handing out necklaces...
This is another one that is in the parade every year....it is for The Shriners (I think very highly of The Shriners). The smoke blows out the dragon's nose. It was zig-zagging in the road, for both sides of the street to see. Courtney was standing there (un-guarded) and well they came real close to her (like they were the whole way down), just as they came right in front of her, they "puffed" the smoke! They made her jump! I was laughing. She said, that was the first time they ever scared me Mom. HA!

We had a nice day. We will go to some of the towns events tomorrow....I will keep my fingers crossed it does not rain. There is a 40% chance of rain. It can rain, just late on the overnight. I hope you all have a great weekend. Be safe and make some Happy Memories. Blessings, ~Tonya


Phillane E'lee said...

Nifty Neat-o there chickie. Oh look at them kids. What are you feeding them for the love of Pete!? They are all getting so big. Pretty soon they will be able to take ya chickie and then what will ya do? Cry mutiny! LOL

What a cool looking parade. Ours is tomorrow but don't think I am getting up at 7:30 to see it. The kids got fireworks- yeh! phhhsttt, didn't want them- just too darn dry and it scares me to death. I live in the woods for crying out loud- what were they thinking????
Okay- chatty cathy here today. I best go, I have to do something today besides clean. Have a wonderful holiday and be safe girl. Stop feeding those kids so much good stuff. They will be stealing the giants golden goose before too long. LOL

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Fun photos. Happy 4th.

AwtemNymf said...

Happy 4th Tonya :O)
Hugs & Faerie Dust!

Jenny Carter said...

Gosh Tonya, your little kiddies are oh so NOT little anymore! Wow, I am always surprised at how fast they grow. I am glad you had a good holiday. I love your new banner. I always love your banners. I wish I had all your secrets with fonts and such. I could use it in my graphic design poster for my final. Heehee

Have a good evening and take care!

Sonia ;) said...


You had lots of fun I see. Love the pictures sweeties...playing catch up on blogs right now..

Sonia ;)