Stocking Swap...

This is just one of the things that I made for Terri of "Terri Brush Designs" for our stocking swap. I mounted this snowfolk head to a wooden box. I love the way it turned out. I know it isn't really Christmas colors...but we all filled out a questionnaire and teal was a color she decorates with. So, you see...it does make sense.

I filled it up with Coffee Toffee Chocolate Kisses (she is a coffee drinker). I thought she might like them. I am now looking for some more wooden boxes. I would like to make some more...

And I made her that stocking as well. She decorates with browns and mustard too. I thought she may be able to leave it out all year long...stockings are a big hit these days, for all year through.

The candle is YUMMY Christmas Sugar Cookies. I bought myself one too. I love Yankee Candles. This was so much FUN! I can't wait to receive mine. She said it will be mailed out some time this week. I will post pics here.

Well it seems as if Pea of Pea Picker's Primitives and Terri (the gal I just gave to) are having an awful time in Washington. First there was so much snow, now it is raining and that has now turned to flooding. They have declared it a State of Emergency. How very terrible. I told them both, I would pray.

On another note, I am going to be working on a FUN & FUNKY dollie...to RING in the NEW YEAR! She is going to be holding a present in her hands/arms and there is going to be a "GIFT" inside, for the Lucky person that wins her on eBay. You will have to watch, to see....

Other then that, I am busy with the kiddes, dollies, doggies and whatever else arises around here. We are slowing getting de-iced around here. I had to "chisel" my way into my van on Sunday and the roads were just like glass! I drove slow into town, the girls said they were bored. *smirk* We made it and we were safe! And that is all that matters. I would rather drive in snow any old day! I hope you all have a Wonderful evening. Many Blessings, ~Tonya

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Pea said...

PERFECT!!!! Anyone would be lucky to get all that! YOu are so thoughtful... Terri is blessed.
Looks like I will be needing waders for Christmas. More rain coming.