~Merry Christmas~

Sugar Cookies are an all time favorite around our house! The kids and I LOVE cutting them out and decorating them! I have found the best recipe for the sugar cookies and the frosting. They simply are the BEST. It is a Family Tradition for us to make cut out sugar cookies every year.

The kids always have a blast with them. I will decorate one or two with the kids, but I will wait until after they go to bed to make more. I love the simple joys of the frosting bags and tips and the different designs you can make with them. I use to be a cake decorator and I miss it...

Jordan made this Gingerbread House at school. He was so PROUD and he did an absolutely wonderful job on it. Normally 7th Graders do not get to do this type of thing, but there was a REBEL Party at school. A Rebel party takes place 3 times a year, for kids whose grades are above an F in all of their classes. If you have an F on your report card, no Party for them. They get to spend 3 to 4 long hours in a class and study.

The School puts together several different choices of fun things to do and the children get to choose two, from that list.....and so one of Jordan's choices was to make a Gingerbread House.

This Little Kitty has adopted us. He will not let us get near him (outside) but he sits at our window in our dining room and on a window box, at the front porch. We can tap on the window and meow to him and when he sees our cats, he gets even happier. He will rub against the window and he is just so adorable.

I feel so terrible for him. It was so COLD and WINDY out today. It looked like a BLIZZARD out and there he still was. We feed him cat food everyday and at times, he chooses water first, even over cut up little pieces of steak (as a treat). Maybe someday he will trust us enough to let us pet him, but until then, we will continue to feed him and talk to him through the window.

I want to wish each of you a BLESSED CHRISTMAS! Be Safe, Be Happy and Make Happy Memories.
Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


CraBBy GaBBy said...

The cookies look great! you are just a jack of all trades! So blessed to have and do what you do. Merry Christmas To you and yours~ May your hearts overflow with peace and love ~

Annie said...

Yummy! Those look delish!

(Big hugs T)


Sylvia Anderson said...

The cookies and the little gingerbread house are adorable! The sweet kitty is too....how wonderful that you are taking care of him, and hopefully he'll start trusting you, and let you give him some real love soon! :)