Gearing up for 2008

Meet DaLylah, The New Year's Eve 2008 Party Girl! I had so much FUN bringing her to life. She is a bit different for me...but to be a PARTY GIRL, she had to be LOUD and FUN!! I had to take pictures inside, so they are not the best. It was dark and cold outside...

I just finished listing her on eBay for a 3 day Auction. I do not normally do a lot of 3 day Auctions, but I wanted the winner to be able to have DaLylah in their home, to "Ring" in the New Year! Just think 2008, another year is almost gone...

Well the ice finally got me today! Yup, I took a spill and I am feelin it. I will be very sore tomorrow. Darn ice. I am sure it is here to stay. It is so cold and we received some more snow tonight and it seems we are to get more snow, every 2 days.

I received some Good News today, I was doing the HAPPY Dance a few minutes ago. Dana of http://eccentricitiesstudio.blogspot.com/ had left a comment on my blog. I WON her drawing for her handmade Angel ornie! I am tickled pink! I had to write her right away of course. I seem to never win anything, so this is my LUCKY day! Thank you Dana.

Well, I am off to visit a few blogs and then off to clean. I hope you all had a great day. Many Blessings to you, ~Tonya

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