Spring to Wynter...

I woke up to coldness today. The electricity was out! "Old Man Wynter" has shown his ugly head again. It is almost the middle of April and the high-winds, sleet and snow are upon us. School was cancelled today. I have been working on an addition to my "Clown Collection", he is turning out just like my sketch.

I hope to release a new pattern soon. I have been working on it here and there.....It is my "Bring in the Clowns". I love these Clowns, it allows me to dig into my Imagination and parts of me, gets to become a kid again for a while. Too be a kid again....Wouldn't that be Grand! To look at life, through such innocent eye's. To be able to be silly and care-free.

I have always been told by so many, "You are only as old as you feel". And at least for a while, while creating some of my handmades, they allow me to feel like a kid again!

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Danita said...

I looooove this clown!!! (and i'm usually scared of them). He's beautiful, such a gentle face!