29 Levels...

Have you ever played the game Jenga? Fun game! The girls and I were playing Jenga the other night, and we finished 29 levels, that is quite a lot of levels....and then, it went crashing down! Lots of laughs and a good time. The guys were deer hunting, (didn't get anything, but my thoughts are, that is okay). The girls and I just spent the weekend at home and I worked on my homework.

I was working on my assignment in for my computer class, Access - Database Management and just finished up with Excel and spreadsheets, a couple of weeks ago. Not my most favorite, but am doing good in that class. I am learning a lot, much more than I ever imagined! I had another test on Friday, it was in my Business Communications class, but more like an English Grammar class and I got an A!!

I was doing the happy dance, because even in High School, English and depicting sentences was always very difficult for me. We take our tests on-line and when you are finished, you hit submit and it tells you your grade immediately. I was just grinning and grinning ear-to-ear.

Today, was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL day! It was in the 60's, calm and just PERFECT! You could not ask for a nicer day, in November, in Minnesota. The sunset was gorgeous and for some reason today, the girls and I seen a rainbow, but there was not any rain. I thought rainbows were normally seen after rain? This weather could last for the rest of year. I don't need snow and cold weather.

I have not had time to create, but I have been studying and spending time with my girls...which is always a good thing. I also worked on the hallway today....a never ending task. I will just keep working on it there and there and eventually get it done. Have a peaceful Sunday night. I must go and finish up some homework. Blessings to you and yours, ~Tonya


Heidi said...

So glad to hear school is going so well for you! I'm right below you in Iowa and thought what a wonderful day we had here too. :)

Denni said...

soak up the weather why you can. It just started snowing here today. I think I want my summer back ;(