~Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween from the "Little SpoOks"! Although they are not very spooky *smirk* We did have fun picking things out for their funky costumes thou...

Here is my little Ninny...awww, a Sweet Little Witch and accented with her favorite color, purple. She makes an adorable little witch...

Look at those cool stockings! We purchased three sets of them, different colors of course.

And here is Courtney. I thought she looked adorable! You can see her teenage side here...meaning, she is getting older and wants to be a bit different. Yes, she wore this costume to school on Friday and everyone thought it was neat!

And look at those stockings. They didn't make things like that when I was a kid. Just wanted to show you the kiddies. Yes, I am still alive and kicking (screaming all the way). I just get a bit busy and don't always have time to do all of the things I would like. That is okay for now, I am working toward a goal and will have plenty of time later.

I wish each of you a grand All Hallow's Eve. We will be out Trick or Treating later. Toodles for now! ~Tonya

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