~Miss Raven Hollow~

This is the little dollie that I was working on last week, but never found the time to finish her. We have been so busy...but I finally went into the studio last night and got to work! I was up way late...but ~Miss Raven Hollow~ is soooo worth it. I think she turned out a little Sweet, a little Spooky and a little bit sad. How can you have all of those characteristics in one dollie? She is an everyday little Spook. I love these little dollies on the wood bases!

Miss Raven Hollow will be listed on Ebay this evening. She will list for 5 days and end on Monday evening. She has a little furry friend, that she takes with her - everywhere she goes...

Miss Raven Hollow has such a pretty up-do, with some fallen strands for sweetness. I have given her a pretty paper rose, dipped in black glitter for her hair. Raven has an antique rhinestone button, sewn in place on her high empire waistline. I don't have many of those buttons left and find it very difficult to use those ;) I have finished off her sleeves, dress, pantalets, and shoes with black metallic trim. I also hand stitched some vintage looking lace on her dress. Her neckline has oodles of lace on to achieve that look...so much fun in the details!

I have some new handmades in the works, but slow going. I thought about posting more pictures from the tornado hitting our area, but I am not. I don't think people need to see any more reminders of that destruction. People just want to move forward. Other then my kiddies keeping me busy and trying to stay cool, nothing much else going on. Have a beautiful day. ~Tonya


Cedar Creek Primitives said...

OMG she is awesome!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

She is gorgeous!!!

West Side of Straight said...

She is so cute, and has the sultry eyes!