~Hunny BEA Bunny~

Oh I love this lil Hunny Bea Bunny! She has oodles & oodles of detail and hand stitching on her. I use to load my dollies up with lots of detail, but slipped away from that, on account of it being so time consuming. From time to time, you will see a highly detailed creation from me, but not many...well this Sweet Bea has it all!

I have another one in the works, but a Whimsical Witch, that will also be on a stand. Love how they are on lil stands. They stand so PROUD and look so very SWEET! I have this Sweet Hunny Bea Bunny listed on Etsy...she is more expensive compared to some of my other handmades, due to all of the time invested in her details. She has a petal - neckline all hand stitched, and metallic trim around that. Her dress is full of sweet flowers...

With lil button centers. She has hand sewn ric-rac and then another trim to showcase the ric-rac and teeny ric-rac hand sewn on around the pants and more hand sewn trim around her shoes with stitched on buttons. Hand painted base and it goes on and on. I even made a neat, removable flower by her ear. It is held in place with decorative matching pins...

My sneak peek I sent out to my email customers. I had to show the bee here.....I hope you will check Bea out on Etsy. I hope to have my Whimsical Witch done tomorrow....we shall see. My lawn is calling my name. *smirk* It is nice out today and we are to get rain tomorrow, so I better shake a leg! Toodles for now kiddies, I hope your day is a GRAND ONE! ~Tonya


Denni said...

She is gorgeous!!! I wish I had your talent girl!! Don't give up on me yet, I'm going to get your Alice doll one day. If I can get my body back to normal after this miscariage life would be great!!~lol. Hope your summer is treating you good. It sure got hot in Utah fast. We had snow two weeks ago and now it's 90. Go figure. Stay cool,

Dana said...

What a CUTIE!!! Oh my gosh, I love the colors and all the detail... I popped on over to see her in your shop and w00t w00t... she's sold already!!! :) Congrats!!!

Have a lovely day,