Lotza Nothin'

Ya like that language? Nothing like not having proper grammer eh? *smirk* I thought I would show ya'all a picture of my crazy Lulu! This picture was actually taken laying down on the floor and aiming up. Lulu is the most curious cat and is always trying to lay in the strangest places. We were going through the drawer, to this hutch and Lu just thought he had to jump up in the empty drawer, to see what was in there.....or not in there, in this case...I only use the hutch for receipts and pretties. Nope, no fancy dishes. LOL

Well, Christmas is over and soon the year will be over. We did have Christmas at my Mom's, but it was two days late. The weather here in Minnesota was just awful around Christmas, but it all worked out just fine. It is cold here, but at least it isn't snowing....God only knows we have had quite enough of that to last for the whole winter!

I am trying to kick a NASTY cold, that I feel is going to get must worse, before it gets better. It is starting to go into my lungs and sooooo much coughing. I even slept (tried to sleep, but didn't get much sleeping done) on the couch last night, so that I would not keep hubby up all night. I have not been getting much done...in the creating department.

We have been playing lots of BOGGLE! I love BOGGLE and so does Courtney. She is my little brainiac! When she gets older, her and I will have to play lots and lots of Scrabble. That is my FAVORITE! I have been trying to get a little something done for the Mercantile update....but it isn't looking too good. The kids are keeping me busy, along with this nasty cold. So, I may just not even try to win a losing battle. We shall see.

Other then ~Lotza Nothin' getting done...we are just hanging around the olde homestead and trying to keep warm. I did however manage to get my computer cleaned out! I had a ton of pictures of my dolls and such from as far back at 2006!! Sheer craziness. It runs much better now and I did purchase a bit more memory...so she should be running like a top dog, once that gets here and we install it. Toodles for now kiddies! ~Tonya


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh your kitty is ppurreeeeccious..!!!

Tammy said...

Hey Ton~
Hope you get better. No fun being sick! Knock on wood that I have been lucky enough not to get sick with the flue or a cold yet.

Have you had any trouble yet spelling a word?? Are you smarter than a fifth grader?? LOl

Enjoy ringing in the new year with your family!

Hugs~ Tammy

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Lulu is a pretty girl.

sea gull lighting said...

I love your blog!