~NEW Winter Dollies on Ebay~

I thought I would share my dollies with you. I just finished them up this evening and listed them on ebay. I finished with them, later then I would have liked too...I had to take indoor pictures...that is becasue it gets too DARK TOO FAST any more LOL...

This is ~PEPPEMINT PATTY~ Sweet name eh? I like it. The moment I seen this fabric at the quilt shoppe and purchased it over a month ago, I knew. I love when things come to you "feely" and you do not have to work at it so hard.

Peppermint is listed on ebay and will end on Sunday evening. Both dollies are loaded full of detail. I had fun with both of them...

This Sweet Lil Bunny is ~JOYFUL Johanna~ She holds a sprig of stars that I have glass glittered, added a paper pretty too and then Johanna holds them in her hand...I love all the lil extra's that you can make for dollies....but at times, the lil extra's take longer to think of and at times longer to make. You know how it is...

Yes, more indoor pictures. In person they are so very sweet and I love them to pieces. Johanna will end on Sunday evening as well. I do hope that you are able to stop by ebay and take a peek at their auctions.

Other then working on my dollies, not much else is going on besides the NORM. Know what I mean. This last weekend the girls and I did to to the movies --- The Christmas Carol and I must say, the EFFECTS where AMAZING! SO clear, so detailed. We enjoyed it. I hope your week is going well. I must go and clean up my mess from making dollies...BIG MESS. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Your work is just lovely. AND I admire people who can make a good living using ebay. (It doesn't usually work out so well for me. I ended up losing money last time! *tee hee*)
Keep up the beautiful creations!

Jenny Carter said...

I need another doll, like I need a hole in the head, but you know how I love red. Gosh I hope I win her!

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much to both of you sweet gals. I appreciate you stopping by.

Ebay has been pretty "rough" lately. I was not selling on there for quite a while. It does get pretty expensive.

Jenny, You are such a doll. Thank you so much and yes, we all have our "wants"! LOL I do know you love red.

I wish you LUCK. Have a great evening...both of you.


My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Hi Tonya,

They are adorable as always!!!!I have your snowman pattern on my desk waiting for me to put another one together again soon :)I have some special gifts to get done for family :)

Had to share with you .I Got a call from my kiddo this morning, he will be home very soon :) Have a good week and a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours will be very special with all the kiddo's at the table again :)


Sue said...

Hi Tonya,
I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving...As usual your dolls are wonderful...