Lots of things have been going on, but not necessarily creating. I went to my Mom's this past weekend and stayed overnight, with the girls, we went to a couple of different craft sales, a thrift store and then the girls and I went to Southern MN 1st Annual Scrapbooking Conv. We had lots of fun! The guys were out deer hunting and yes, they got a deer, and every time I hear that, my heart is sad...but know it must be done. We would be over populated by deer otherwise.

That picture is in my part of my backyard, no editing or anything, just wanted to share. We have had such BEAUTIFUL weather here in MN, we are so BLESSED. We call this an "Indian Summer" and I bet the farmers are loving it. There are still so many crops in the fields that the farmers must get out.

Before sun down, my son went deer hunting on our land. We do not have a lot of "woods", but do on the North side of our property. We have a Mama and a couple of her babies that come and "bed" on our land. I told him not to get them....because they are so beautiful and have grown up here...well tonight, I heard one shot. I immediately knew he had shot one, one that has been on our land. How I knew it was one and how I knew she was down, I will never know. My eyes instantly began to tear up. I called him (he had his cell on vibrate - incase of emergencies) and I said you got her didn't you, he whispers back yes. I said she is down isn't she? He said yes. He said he is waiting a couple of minutes, to make sure she was dead. I said, you shoot her again, right now....(incase she is not fully dead and is suffering). He said he would. Hung up and did.

I know it is her, he said he got a button-buck. It could be one of her babies. I don't care, it still bothers me. I didn't want my son or husband to kill any of the ones on our land. I think they are so beautiful and well, I just had to share this story. It is so sad. Now, the rest of the deer family will know - there were 3 to 5 that we have seen around here constantly. They would bed in our long grass, near the woods.

Other then kids, cleaning, and the every day things we all must do and don't like, nothing much else. It has been a while, so I thought I would say HI. I hope your week is going well. I have also listed some things on ebay. The link is in the upper right hand corner and they end on Sunday evening. Take care and Toodles for now. ~Tonya


Heidi said...

Oh Tonya! I can tell you were really bothered by the deer hunt. It would totally bother me too. We have a mama and two babies that hang out around my house too. I think I saw "Daddy" the other night pop his head up in the ditch when I was driving home. Here in Iowa we have so many of the beautiful creatures and subsequently a lot of deer/car accidents. My husband hit one this summer and did over $600 damage to his vehicle. It is such a terrible choice. You know the herd needs to be thinned but when you see these beautiful creatures out your back window it makes you want to protect them. I'm off now to see what wonderful things you put on ebay!

Phillane E'lee said...

I am so grateful that Mike gave up on deer hunting. He thinks he has a connection with them and that is why after 5 yrs of bow hunting he never got one. He could have gone out with a gun but said it was a challenge and the same way folks did it in the old days.
I would feel exactly like you. I think they are beautiful and would be angry if they were shot on my property. Especially since I won't eat the meat. If I won't eat it, dont bother bringing it home.
Sorry they didn't listen to you sweetie.
Hope you have a wonderful week.\