Went Missing...

This is a picture of my Ninny and Kali. Kali went missing on Monday, Aug. 10th and we can not find her. We have driven all over and have asked people in the area. I have called all the vets, the local dog pound/humane society, stopped down to the shelter and had it listed on the radio and party line. We miss her terribly and it is so hard to deal with two little girls that are ao very sad and keep crying...I miss her. I always called her "pretty girl".

No, she did not have her dog tags on! They kept falling off. I am so mad at myself for not putting them back on yet........ONCE AGAIN! The ring somehow gets stretched and the tag falls off. So now I have contacted our local newspaper, to try to get an add placed. I don't know if it will help, but I have to try. I will most likely make some flyers too. The worse part about this, is the not knowing.

If she is at someone's house and they adore her (since she is a very friendly and sweet dog) then I am happy. If they want to call her their own, love her, feed her, shelter her.....then I am happy...but it is the not knowing. We miss her so much.

On another sad note, my sister's Mother in Law passed away today. Just a few short months ago, she was told she had cancer. Nothing helped and she lost the battle today. She is in God's hands now and no longer in pain. She was a very sweet women and will be sadly missed.

We all take so very much for granted and think we all have years and years to live and so forth.....tis not true. Do not take one single breath, one single day, one single minute for granted.

This weekend I have a wedding to go to. My niece, is getting married on saturday (hubby's side) and we are also camping.....me, most likely will be going home at night. I can not be around all the campfire smoke and my bad back does not like camper beds. So, I was thinking about this....I will be going to a wedding and a funeral all in less then a week. All the emotions that will be.

It has been a very long week and it is only Thursday, I must go and get some things done around here. I hope tomorrow will be better and I pray that Kali comes home. Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Tammy said...

I hope you find Kali, I will say prayers for her. Poor thing. Thanks for helping at the shop this week I really appreciate it.

We all take life for granted. I am starting to look at life a little different now. I hope I can really stop to smell the roses and really appreciate all that I have, accept what I do not have, learn to turn the other cheek and to show compassion to someone even if they are rude to me when they are having a bad day.

Life is so short and to literally watch someone die knowing you are helpless to make them better is the worse thing in the world to have to do. I hope through all of this I gain more acceptance of things that I can not control, have more patience, not to be so judgemental and to spend more time with my loved ones.

So next time my girls want to play, go for a walk or just want to cuddle with me.... I am going to do it and not say, maybe tomorrow because tomorrow may never come.

Love and Hugs to YOU!

~Tonya said...

Such a nice post...You made me cry Tammy. Easily done these days with no sleep, a missing dog...watching your daughter's cry and then the news that Dee passed away today.

Thoughts of how precious life really is have been running through my head. So very fragile and how we do tend to take life and so many people and things in if for granted. So many things you said, rang true.

I too have watched the same thing...not a loved one, but a dear lady I had to take care of, as a nursing assistant and it is no easy task.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Mike and the girls. Take care Tammy.

Love & Hugs right back at YOU!

kaniki's said...

Oh Tonya!! What a bad week for you!! I pray for you to find your Kali... We went through that a while back- except it was my best friends dogs- two of them... Took off when she wasn't looking and was missing for days!! We took our horses- and rode every single mile of the statelands, tracked them by phone, car, and every place we could.. Finally- someone spotted them about 15 miles away- and we went- and found one of the doggies.. We only found Max... It was sad that snoopy never showed up, but we know he was out doing what he loved- Running!! And he was old... Doesn't make it better- but at least we got lucky!!

I just know you'll find your furbabby.. Have faith!!

And my condolences for your family's loss... Such a terrible thing.. I still ask why God can't just take all the bad people away and leave the good ones here for us to enjoy!! I will never understand it....

Just know I'm thinking of you- and hope the rest of the week turns out much better!!

Big Hugs!!!
Kaniki's Prims & Whims

April Dawn said...

My heart goes out to you Tonya. I lost my dog 'Darla' last October and I can totally relate to how you feel when you talk about 'not knowing'. I still look for her when driving around the neighborhood, hoping that she was taken in by one of the neighborhood families and is safe and happy. I hate not knowing for sure though. I will say a special prayer for your sweet dog tonight and pray that the Lord brings her home to you and quickly. Don't lose faith, ok? Hugs to you, April

Phillane E'lee said...

Tonya, Tammy and families,
I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. It is the hardest thing to watch someone you love deeply, die. I have done it twice already and don't ever wish that on anyone.

Both of you wrote from the heart and yes it rang some truth for me as well. So much in my life has been not taking time or ever even being aware that it is simply slipping by me one minute at a time. Thank you for the gentle reminder.
Tonya, I do hope that Kali is found or at least has found a home. Don't blame yourself. You had tried to keep the tags on. Give the girls a hug for me. It is so hard for the little ones.
Blessings to you all,Pea

Melissa said...

Oh I sure hope you find your Kali. I can't imagine not knowing where one of our babies was. My two aren't wearing their collars at the moment as they got into poison ivy and I washed them yesterday. I am going to get them on right now! I have high hopes for the newspaper posting. We found a dog a he was with us for 10 days until the neighbor of the elderly man who had lost him was reading through a stack of newspapers he had not gotten to read all week and saw the article. We were sad to see him go, but I'm sure his widowed owner was happy to have him back.

Heidi said...

I picked up our female black lab off a highway a couple years ago. She was thin, dehydrated and had several ticks on her. She was in pretty bad shape. I took her to the pound to check for a microchip or tattoo but they didn't find anything so I took her back home and left my name and number. She use to take off on me all the time. Even after I paid to have her fixed. She went missing this Spring for about 5 hours and it was horrible! I called the sheriff's office because we are rural and the people who found her called the sheriff's office. They turned out to be friends of ours and were so happy/sad. Happy that her owner was me (they wouldn't give her back to anyone mean they said) and sad because their kids had already named her Lucky. Anyway I just want to tell you that you should contact the sheriff and don't give up hope. About 20 years ago another lab wandered onto my parent's property and I kept him for about a week before I saw his owner's newspaper add. I cried super hard and then loaded him up in the car and took him home. I hope you get your sweet Kali back. Sorry for your family's loss. Your sister was so lucky to have a great M-I-L.

Heidi said...

I just left a super long comment but it didn't take. Anyway call your sheriff and leave your name and number. That worked when our black lab went missing. Good luck!

justin said...

So sorry that you are having a tough week. It makes it doubly hard when you children are missing your special pet. I hate the not knowing. I remember when I was little, we had a Siamese cat who disappeared one November and we grieved her loss after looking for several weeks. Then just when we had given up hope, she magically appeared at the window one cold February night! It was such a shock to us all and still a mystery as to where she was those three months! I think of that movie, "the Incredible Journey". Try to enjoy your weekend, the wedding, and time with your children.

AwtemNymf said...

I hope you find your dog or someone calls! Awww!!!
Hugs Hugs Hugs for the emotional roller coaster your experiencing!

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Oh Tonya..
I hope you will find Kali! I have had 2 friends whose fur baby took off and they could not find them. One friend was driving to the store 8 months later and saw her baby on someones lawn, playing with kids! She stopped, talked to the woman who lived there, and they had found the dog wondering (3days after she went missing)..My friend thanked the people and took her baby home. The other friend had a similar story only it was a month since her baby went missing..
You will get her back!
And I'm sorry for you and your Familys loss. It's always so hard when someone passes on who is so dear. You are right, Life is very short, and very precious and certainly not always easy. I try very hard to start each day with a positive attitude. I don't always succeed :), but I try! I hope you have enjoyed the Wedding and the sweetness of a young couple starting their life together :)..
Big Hugs,

Dogpatch Primitives said...

this makes me so very sad. I sure hope the poor dogs can cross paths w/ someone who will help them.

Raggedykinfolk said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, it really hurts my heart that you baby is missing. We had a dog once who was gone for several days, totally out of character for her. We searched and searched, then one day she just showed up, very dirty, I think she was out in the swamp somewhere. We were so happy to have her home. Another time we had a dog show up from a few miles away, we kept him overnight and the next day his owner came around looking, and of course she was so happy to find her doggie. Keep praying, she'll show up.