Pretty Toes!

Today my sister Kim, took me to get a pedicure for my birthday! She also took me and the kids to The Olive Garden...boy, I felt pampered! Here I am 36 and had never had a pedicure (or a manicure for that matter) and I finally got one today! Ya, I use to think it was for old people, when I was younger (and didn't have a clue) and now figured out, it is to have your feet look pretty and all that jazz...
Here are both of my feet....who would have ever thought I would be showing you my feet, on my blog? Craziness I tell ya! *smirk* Oh well, just letting ya know what was going on in my life. Courtney also received a pedicure and loved it! Sydney got her nails and toes painted pretty with flowers and gems on them.

On my toes, there are little flowers, fancy lines and pretty little gems for sparkle! Every girl must have a little sparkle.

I had a fun day today and it doesn't end there....after getting a pedicure and taking us out to eat at The Olive Gardens, Kim took my kiddies until Sunday!! Yeee Haaaaw!!! I needed a bit of a break, things are getting a bit hairy being the tail-end of summer. Too bad hubby has to work all weekend. The kids alway have fun with Aunt Kimmy (as the girls call her) and she always spoils them! Thank you for nice day Kim, I had FUN!

I think I may get to work on some things tonight...ummmm earlier then starting at 10 pm too. Knock on wood! I hope ya all had a great day. Today started out cold and wet, but ended up being a pretty nice day. Ta-ta for now, ~Tonya


Pam said...

Hi Tonya

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Awwwww a pedicure, doesn't that feel soooooo good. And what pretty toes. And then a trip to Olive Garden. Yummmmm-O Wow hope you also enjoy the rest of the weekend and can get lots done.

Have a wonderful weekend

Hugs pam

Anonymous said...

Hi Tonya,
What a wonderful birthday present! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun! Hope you get lots done over the weekend.

Phillane E'lee said...

You deserve more days like that and a weekend with just hubby. I hope that will happen for you soon.
Hugs my friend